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Omega in Australia

I need some help from people in Australia or that know about australian products. I have been attempting to take fish oil but find that I cant find a product with a capsule small enough that I can swallow them (dont ask, I just cant). I have resorted to puncturing the capsules and squeezing out the oil. the problem with that is I find it hard to stomach the fish taste.

Do you know of any other Omega supplements on the australian market that wont make me feel like I am eating bait left over from a fishing trip. Or is there a company that makes small capsules.

Melrose has a ‘citrus flavoured’ fish oil.
It’s very cheap but it still tastes nasty, though maybe a bit better than straight fish oil.

I’m afraid I don’t know of any small capsule fish oils that are sold in Australia. I hope someone else can help you with that.
It is possible to order smaller fish oil caps from overseas (I did this a while ago when looking for a really pure source) but it is substantially more expensive.

PM me if you’d like the details.