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Omega Fats Questions

just recently bought some Flameout, but i also have some cashews, almonds, sunflower seed kernals and milled flax seed and natural peunut butter.i will start taking 4 flameouts a day with two servings of flaxseed per day.

how should i take the rest of the omega fats that i have dosage wise? i really dont know which omega they belong to.

lose the sunflower seeds, get cashews almonds, maca, and walnuts are there its at though. they rack the Kcals up fast tho so careful

there is no reason to have omega 6 supplementation because all the foods you listed there are loaded with omega 6 and have minimal omega 3 (and the omega 3 in walnuts/flax has a poor conversion in the body)

therefore you need the fish oil (omega 3) to balance out

and yes get rid of sunflower seeds, i think they are the richest nut/seed source of omega 6

dam no sunflower seeds? i bought 4 packs cuz i thought they would be good.

Sun Flower Oil = NO NO.

Sun Flower Seeds are NOT VERY BAD. They have alot of other benefits.

Go to eatdrinkordie.com and watch the video about sunflower seeds from teh guy who wrote the 150 most healthy foods.

I like how he throws the bottle of sun flower oil. =O