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Omega 6

Alot of diet’s found on this site recommend consuming a large quantity of flax seed oil. I remember reading in MM2K that you should consume safflower oil in a certain ratio to flax seed oil to “balance” out omega 6 and omega 3. If anyone knows about this, or has more information on why it no longer appears to be a concern please let me know. Thanks

just worry about your flax oil intake because your regular diet will more than compensate for your ratios of omega 6… since apart from flax and a few others all other oils and fats have a high omega 6 to 3 ratio and ideally i think they said the ratio should be one to one or 2 to 1 not really sure about the last thing but i think those were the recommmended ratios

Most people get plenty of omega-6 fatty acids from the foods that they eat. Much of the poly fats in meats come from omega-6’s. Nuts have a fair amount. Natural peanut butter has some. In general, if you are eating fat on purpose, stick with monounsaturates and omega-3’s. You’ll probably get enough omega-6’s from other stuff in your diet.

There is a good ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s.Some people recommend 1 to 1,or 1 to 2.But to answer your question,I believe the reason most people are recommending just flax is because of the abundance of omega 6’s in the average diets.So,I guess the best thing for you to do is record your fat intake,and try to hit a proper ratio.Check out paper mag 5 for a JMB Appetite for Construction article,or just read the dozens of articles on fat in T- Mag.

Thanks alot guys!! You’ve been a great help. PS I found an article on this site that answered all my questions :slight_smile: Next time I’ll look harder :wink: