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Omega 6 And Tumors!


I read a recent article which I thought I would pass on to my friends here at T-Nation:

"Omega-6 promotes prostate tumors
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SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 01, 2005 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- A San Francisco medical center study has demonstrated omega-6 fatty acids promote the growth of prostate tumor cells in the laboratory.

The study was led by Millie Hughes-Fulford, director of the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center's Laboratory of Cell Growth, and scientific adviser to the U.S. Undersecretary of Health for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Hughes-Fulford and her team identified for the first time a direct chain of causation: When introduced into human prostate tumor cells in culture, omega-6 fatty acid causes the production of cPLA2, which then causes the production of the enzyme COX2. In turn, COX2 stimulates the release of PGE2, a hormone-like molecule that promotes cell growth.

"What's important about this is that omega-6 fatty acids are found in corn oil and most of the oils used in bakery goods," said Hughes-Fulford. "Which means that if you're eating a diet high in omega-6 fatty acids, it's possible that you're turning on this cancer cascade, which has been shown to be a common denominator in the growth of prostate, colorectal, and some breast cancers."

The study appears in the September issue of Carcinogenesis."


From San Francisco? All liberal lies and a plot to underestimate American economy by attacking our food industry.
How dare you post lefties propaganda like this?!

Ok, I'm only kidding. Good article and I think a confirmation of what we already know about Omega - 6.



Okay call me stupid and remind me which of the Omegas we need and which we should avoid. Fish oil has the Omega 3, is good, Omega 6 is bad right?


Yes...you have it!


According to John Berardi's article on fats, both are termed 'Essential Fatty Acids' because our body cannot manufacture them, so I'm pretty sure you need to consume both.


Yes, but in a certain ratio of 2:1 I think, not in a typical 20 Omega6 and 1 of Omega 3.



Comments here are moving along the right track. Although linoleic acid (omega-6) and linolenic (omega-3) are both essential (like vitamins), we Westerners vastly overconsume linoleic acid compare to omega 3's (linolenic acid, EPA, DHA). Yes, to the tune of 17:1 or even 20:1.

A ratio closer to 7:1 is often recommended. Some researchers suggest as low as 4:1 or even 2:1. A search here on the site on dietary fat will pull up a freaking library of info. by a number of teachers and gurus.


This is probably being or will be used by the anti-meat people-

"meat causes cancer"

Since meat is supposed to be the main supply of Omega 6. BUT not all the time. From what I remember, there should be a balance of 3's, 6's, & 9's. Which I don't always get. Cigarrettes cause cancer right? But that's now what anti-meat peopel fight against...lol


Then again I bet that smoking only one cigarette per week would not cause cancer....