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What product is the best source of omega-3’s?

Fish oil caps

I’d say sardines. It’s cheaper at least, considering it also has protein…

how about flaxseed oil?

Getting a good source of EPA/DHA should be your first priority and then adding 1-3 Tbsp flax oil or ground flaxseed to bring up your total omega-3 content should be fine.

Off subject (kinda), but I read in my girlfriends health magazine(don’t remember what one) that it said that fish oil capsules can cause your blood to thin out. This right ? I’ve seen some other posts on google about this too.

Wild salmon

Yes, you are correct in much the same way that aspirin or NSAIDs lessen inflammation the Omega 3 oils do the same thing but without the negative side effects.

How much do they cause the blood to thin? My mother is on anti-coagulants already because she has blood clots, and she also has fibromylagia. I’d like her to take fish oil (she’s on a goddamned low-fat diet as well, and has been for ten years), but I don’t want her to have to face even more problems because of excess thinning of the blood.

Don’t know if this will help but two weeks ago i pulled out a wisdom touth,and the damned thing bled for 6 hours. I take about 6 grams of omega 3 per day. A couple of years ago i pulled another one and don’t remember this happening.

Wouldn’t the conversion of ALA to EPA/DHA be enough to satisfy the daily needs of EPA/DHA? After all the conversion of ALA to DHA/EPA is 25-35%, so even on the lower end of the spectrum it would amount to 2g of converted EPA/DHA per tablespoon of Flax oil. Meaning that even three tablespoons a day would fulfill the 6g/day EPA/DHA requirement. I just find this an easier option compared to wild vs. farm-raised, how it was cooked, mercury levels. My feeling are that the only proper way to ingest EPA/DHA directly would be at a sushi bar (wild fish only, please).