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Omega 3s

How many omega 3s is it ok to take in one sitting?(i.e. with a chicken breast) The suggested dosage is one pill per meal per day. I think I should be taking more than that, but i dont now how much is ideal. I know it probably depends on weight and the amount of fat you consume in a day. (I weigh 195 and consume 25g of fat) After reading Eat like a Man and the Fat Roundtable, I realize how important fats are get bigger. (Im not going to get huge eating only protein and carbs) Should i take them all at one time or throughout the day. (With P+C meals?) Besides salmon (and other fishes), and flax oil, what are other good sources of omega 3’s? Is flax seed oil the same as flax oil?

Well, here are some thoughts. Aim to get at least 6g combined EPA/DHA. If you are eating salmon, sardines or other cold water fatty fish, learn how much EPA/DHA are in the fish and then add via fish oil caps until you reach 6g EPA/DHA. That should be your first goal. Once that is reached, you can use flax oil to increase your total omega-3 fatty acid intake. 1-2 tablespoons is a good start. Aim to get the rest of your fat via monounsaturated sources and whatever omega-6 and saturated fat you can’t avoid. Although, some evidence demonstrates that palmitic acid (saturated) could be a decent fat to consume. You can take all of your fish oil in one sitting. If you do it with your P&F meal before bed, you can avoid fish burps. And yes, flax seed oil and flax oil are the same thing. Flax oil is just a shortened name for flaxseed oil. Finally, grass fed beef, golden eggs, and walnuts are other good sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

I eat 3 p+c & 3 p+f meals on my cutting cycle right now. Each p+f meal consists of 25-30 grams of fat and 40 grams of protein. Each p+c meal consists of 40grams of carb and 40grams of protein.

I use flax for the two morning fat meals and the one prior to bed I add in Dale Alexander’s emulsified fish oil - giving me about 5-6 grams of fish oil. I divi up the flax and fish so I still get around 25-30 grams at that meal too. My carbs consist of oatmeal & brown rice. Pretty boring, but great results!

Oh, yeah… I forgot to mention some stats: 5’10" (I think I have ‘slight’ frame) 188lbs at about 12% bf. Hope that helps. As you can see I take about 60grams of fat daily, to make up for the low, 120grams, of carbs.

Bryan Haycock has recomended that it may be beneficial to take your fish oil caps with a meal containing carbohydrates in order to reap the full benefits. Here is a post by him from his forum over at the HST site:

“Keep in mind that omega-3s will be preferentially oxidized (burned for fuel) so much of what you take on a low carb diet will be burned before it can be stored in fat cells where it does its magic. Whenever possible, take your fish oils after a meal or after carbs. The carb load to the liver will decrease the oxidation of the fatty acids and allow more to pass through into the blood for storage. This is good when it comes to omega-3s and CLA.”