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Omega 3's in Eggs

Will cooking destroy the Omega 3’s in free range eggs?

Tampa Terry! Hey wake up!

Cookin eggs with Omega three acids may destoy some of the fatty acids (think “where the egg turns brown”), but most will be fine.

alright cooking protien is good, it just furthers along the digestion product by breaking down the protien molecule, same thing happens in digestion, cooking just helps it along


Zeb, the heat causes the fragile fatty acids to oxidize. If you’re eating your free range or EPA/DHA eggs for the omega 3 fatty acids, I would probably recommend that you eat them soft-boiled or cook the whites first and ever so gently break and warm the yolk after the whites are cooked.

Even if you don’t go to the trouble, you’re still eating a healthier egg because it comes from a healthier chicken.

I have to agree with TT on several point she has pointed out. That yes it is going to oxidize some of the omega 3’s by cooking your yolks. If they reach a temp. over 105 degrees they begin to oxidize. So soft boiling or even better adding the eggs to the cooked whites would be optimal.

But, also. We can only take this stuff fo far. If we were to follow every little rule out there we would go friggin nuts trying to optimaize our diet and training all damn day.

So I say you are doing good by just switching to free reange eggs as they are. If you want to cook them cook them. Just try to not overcook them. Cook em till there done, remove from heat and eat up.


Thank you!

i can tell ya…low heat makes them longer to cook but i def get more EFA’s out of them than if i crank the flames up. The eggs have a different taste and conistency if you really pay attention to them, as i once did wen i start bying the omega eggs. Maybe a vitamin E cooking spray would helped??? haha jk