Omega-3s -- Don't Know Where to Start.

I don’t know if I should go with flaxseed oil, flaxseed meal, fish oil, cod liver oil (whatever that is), and all the other stuff available. What’s the difference between these, and what’s cheaper? How much should I expect to pay, and where can I buy the stuff? I really don’t have extra money to burn, so please don’t recommend the Aston Martin if a Toyota will do me fine.

Right now I get most of my omega-3s from fortified eggs which claim to have 350 mg DHA each. I just down about 4 whole eggs about 2-3 times a week.

Ground/milled flax seed is pretty damn cheap I think I paid 75 cents for a small box. I also use cod liver oil and its about 5 bucks a bottle. I have a little trouble with the cod liver oil, in fact I vomited on it this morning but managed to get it down on the second attempt, second attempt I put it in a shot of water and forced it down. The flax seed tastes pretty good and goes down easily. I generally slurry 1-2 tbs in water and send it down. Fish oil caps are more expensive and they lack the vitamin A and D that cod liver oil has.

I use flax seeds, 3.29 for 2 lbs. cheap and comes with it’s own fiber! Just remember you need to grind it in a coffee grinder first.