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Omega 3 to Thin Out Blood?

Hi All,

About a month ago I started to use T Gel. Effects took place almost instantly, I was surprised…have been feeling absolutely great since 2nd day of starting it.

However one negative thing I’m feeling is the feeling of my heart having to work pretty damn hard.

I checked my blood pressure - all within normal range. My heart beat is excellent at around 60 BPM.

However I feel like my heart is working hard, not sure why. Sometimes it starts to race on it’s own then settles down - usually at night, long after having applied the T Gel in the early morning hours.

My research tells me this could be caused from my blood thickening?

Yes I’m getting a blood test soon. In the meantime, would it help to keep Omega 3s really high to help thin out the blood?

No it won’t make your blood thinner. it will help your lipids and sinc TRT hurts lipids they are a good thing to take. Only blood donations will reduce the thickness (HCT) you need a blood test before doing anything.

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve read that most fish oil in rancid, no good, etc. Any reliable sources of good Omega 3 supplements?

Buy the refrigerated fish oil or flax oil. The capsules are usually garbage. The taste can be interesting, but you get used to it. Adding ground flax seed to your diet will also help. The Spectrum brand has always been good quality in my experience, for fish or flax oil.

Garlic extract and curcumin will also work as blood thinners, the latter can also lower cholesterol which is important.