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Omega-3 Supplements, Which is Better?

Some kind of Omega-3 supplement with molecular distillation or carbon treatment? And what the hell’s the difference? In the store the other day, I noticed Nowfoods has one that’s carbon treated and one that’s distilled.

Anyone clear this up for me??

Adding to my own post here, something I forgot. Is NOW even any good?? What’s a safe omega-3 capsule is what I’m driving at here…

Did you happen to read the FLAMEOUT product details here on this site?

So let me get this straight…

You come to a company’s website and ask about the quality of a product that is from another company? And lets not forget the fact they have a COMPETING product for sale at the top of the page!

The influx of newbs keeps getting better and better…

Man, plenty of people discuss other brands than the almighty Flameout. Sure, it’s got advantages, but one of the negatives is cost for some people.

No need to flame this guy, at least he’s interested in his health.