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Omega 3 = Stomach Problems


So I have been trying different omega 3s because it seemed everyone I took gave me bad stomach pains soon followed with diarrhea. I stopped and started to make sure this was the problem and surely enough it was. Is there anyway to get omegas in my diet without eating fish everyday?


1) Have you been taking it with meals

2) Have you been taking a good quality one?

The Biotest one is an excellent one. Another good one (better than Carlson or Nordic Naturals) is Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil:


Yeah it take it at lunch everyday, and yea I tried 4 different kinds, gnc brand, etc... And I get all the same effects.


Ditto. Take them with food(preferably a P+F meal)and get some QUALITY fish oil.


Buy a better quality brand. If it's making you sick, then it's low quality.

Can't go wrong with Flameout.


you have any food sensitivity/allergy issues with fish ?


How much are you taking with lunch? Take a little less but take it with all meals.


I recommend Flameout, Nordic Naturals, and Carlson's Finest Fish Oils. Everyone else nailed it, if you are getting rancid fish oils they will make you sick.

Try taking only 1 Teaspoon in the morning and 1 at Night for starters (with food), once you get the good quality stuff.

GNC brand, cheap brands are all rancid and won't do you any good.