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Omega 3 Source (DHA, EPA, CLA)


I got the Flameout and im currently using it,,, but it gets a bit expensive...

I could get Flameout every 3 months, and the remaining 2 months I would like to use something else,, but havent found anything that gives me the same doses as Flameout,,,

any suggestions???


I'd say make the sacrifice and go for Flameout. maybe cut down to 3 pills a day to have it stretch.


I don't think you ever will find anything that gives you the same DHA/EPA dosage as Flameout...that's what makes it so good...and expensive. And CLA...you will have to buy that separately...and it's always more expensive than fish oil. Flameout is the only thing that I know of that combines EPA/DHA with CLA in one pill.

Every time I've done the math, given the dosages and the CLA, Flameout comes out being the same price if not cheaper than whatever other brand I am comparing it to.