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Omega-3: How Much Do You Take?


How much does everyone take? I take 2 tbsp flax seed in the morn and 2,000 mg capsules at supper, 3:2 EPA to DHA.


Similar here. 2 tbsp flax seed plus 2 tbsp lecithin in the morning (total 4 to 6 grams linolenic acid, depending whose analysis you believe). 4 high-dose fish oil caps during the day (total 1600 mg EPA, 800 mg DHA). I also eat one serving of fish every day.

I'm a 45 year old male lifter. Just got the lab results from my annual physical, and had the best numbers in 15 years (cholesterol, etc) so guess I'm doing something right!


This is one of the few, if not the only supp, where my advice is to double--maybe 2.5x--the daily dosage on the container.

Since I've gone to higher doses of fish oils I have seen noticeable improvement in recovery and less aches and pains in the joints.

I use Omega 1250's. Each gel contains:
1250 fish oil w/

I take 2w/breakfast and am snack and sometime before bed. 200 gels cost me about $12. That makes the price per gel @.16. X6 per day or so=$1 per day.
And I have eliminated all glucosimine because I feel so good.


Sounds like upping would help me and my knees as well. What brand do you use? I'm going to the store this weekend.


Thanks for the info!


I used to take 2 with each meal everyday. Came out to about 12g of the extra strength.

Now I just switched over to 4 Flame-out a day. I use Olive Oil to make up for the calories lost. So now I'm getting better oil for the Testosterone and high quality O-3s.


I agree with everything said, with one additional comment. Omega-3's are anti-inflammatory, which is their power, but that are also powerful pro-oxident (is this the correct word??).

I've found through personal experience (while recuperating from a knee injury) that it's important to keep up the Vitamin C while taking large doses of Omega-3's. I found that knee soreness was much improved with the combination.

The current recommendations from this site are to keep Vitamin C to 250mg-500mg max per day (see Lonnie L.'s posts) because Vitamin C can cause other issues at high doses.



What other "issues" does Vitamin C cause?


High doses of Vit C will cause the dreaded "liquid shits" syndrome.

I take about 20 fish oil caps a day, for a combined 6 grams of DHA/EPA.


"Vitamin C supplementation (500mg for six weeks) has been shown to actually induce pro-oxidant effects in healthy humans, as measured by DNA damage. (31) Very high doses (500mg/kg) in rats cause superoxide radical generation, induce P450 liver enzymes (particularly risky to even moderate drinkers) and, again, DNA damage. (29, 31) "

See http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=589568



I take 12- 15 capsules a day. Kirkland brand.


First of all the study to which you refer demonstrates what happens when Vitamin C is taken alone. When it is taken with other anit oxidants it does not become a "pro oxidant" but an "anti oxidant.