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Omega 3 Fish Oil


ok, so ive been reading a lot about fish oil here and how important it is to have in your diet. however, i have not seen a reason WHY. i bought some today along with my cytogainer shake mix and im gonna take some, but i was wondering why im taking it? what benefit does it have for us weightlifters? how many should i take?


Fish body oils (omega 3's) have a variety of uses they are part of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) which are the good fats that all bodybuilders, powerlifters, and people cleaning up their diets need, also they have been shown to help reduce trigliserals (spelling terriblly) levels in the heart, which are terrible for the heart and colestrol levels


So if someone on the internet told you to jump off of a bridge--would you?

At least in this case you followed a good suggestion

Fish oil is great for the joints, helps recovery,is an aid for T production,helps with fullness,--All around best bang for your buck of all the supps--IMO.


ok, well how many should i take of them? and when should i do it in relation to workouts, before or after?


This depends on the potency of the capsule itself. Try to get 6-8g a day. This could be 6-20 capsules. Take them with your first 2-3 meals each day and you'll be fine.

Sorry for the tease.


I wouldn't take them right after or right before a workout. If you're following a protein/carb, protein/fat type of diet, then it would make sense to take them later in the day with your protein/fat meals.

In all actuallity, I don't see any problem with taking them at any time of the day, other than post-workout. I only suggest not to take them pre-workout because I wouldn't want that in my stomach right before a workout. I only take protein right before a workout.


Hey, there's a totally SWEET function called a 'search' you can do. Give it a try!


heyyyyy tried that but couldnt find anything definitive. but thanks for the help man! no but seriously thanks to those of you who actually posted something. im gonna go take some now and i plan on incorporating them into my diet. thanks a bunch boys.



read the label on the bottle !! omega -3 help maintain normal heart and vascular health


If you really doubt its value you can test it out yourself. Simply cut your wrist before you start taking the stuff and see how long it bleeds, then cut your wrist after 4 weeks of taking it and see how long it bleeds then. The Omega 3 thins the blood; making it easier for the heart to do its duty as a pump. Because the blood is thinner it will bleed at lot longer second time around.