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Omega 3 Fish Oil Dosage?


How much fish oil do you guys use?

I take 1000mg 3 times a day. Too little?

I love boobs :slightly_smiling:



I don't know about regular fish oil, but with Flameout, the standard dose is 4 caps a day (3080mg of DHA+EPA).
I'm taking 8 caps per day of Flameout (2x4) for the health benefits and insulin sensitivity effects.



You are not going to get boobs by eating fishoil buddy.....


I take 2 pills/day 2g

Wife and each of our Great Danes take a TBSP/day= 12g


Triple your dosage.


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Just don't take 15 or more a day or something like that. I tried mega-dosing fish oils and ended up with the worst digestive reaction to it imaginable. The closest comparable thing is food poisoning, but it is a documented effect of too much fish oil in one day.

I believe I was taking about 20 of them a day at the time.


I don't know about that.

I built up my dosage from 5g/day to 20g/day over a few weeks and I felt completely fine.

I think if you're going to mega dose or whatever you shouldn't start with 20 but build up to it.


I don't know how many grams 20 tabs of Biotests fish oils happen to be, but I do know the reaction I got to it and won't be going that high again.

This is actually fairly common. Most people just don't take that much a day for several days because the shit is expensive.


20 caps of Flameout would equal to 15 400mg of EPA/DHA, just for the record.

I didn't know one could be sick taking too much fish oil. However, I don't expect to try such a mega-dose.



Yes, it is pretty common...but again, I was using a very high amount. I may have actually used more than 20 some days. I backed off from using it for a while after that because it was truly a serious issue when it happened. It was like food poisoning without the chills or fever.


usually 10 tabs a day of a different brand, equalling 6g epa + 4g dha


I wonder which (if any) component of the fish oil is the cause of the stomach pain.


It is the fish oil itself and is usually related to dosage. The effect is much like my body was trying to purge all of it but I had used it before with no problems but at a much lesser dosage.


Coolio - I will up my dose to 6 grams a day and take it from their!

Cheers for all the info.



Which brand? PM me if you want.


Based on the EHA / DHA in this study:

Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids augment the muscle protein anabolic response to hyperinsulinaemia-hyperaminoacidaemia in healthy young and middle-aged men and women.

Pub Med link:

Martin Berkhan (lean gains IF) recommends an intake of:

2 g EPA and 1.5 g DHA per day

The reasoning behind this recommendation, along with summary of the above study, is detailed in his May 2011 entry on Omega-3 fatty acids.


I was taking 4g/day when bulking, upped to 6 pretty deep into my cut. I noticed a difference in body comp in about 10 days.


Could someone explain to me what it means when a fish oil(omega 3) sup says "1000mg" but then goes on to say "300mg epa/dha"

Whats is the other 700 mg?

Apologies for my ignorance.



So you were literally chucking money down the toilet!?!

That sucks.

I personally am seeing a big effect just from taking 1 Flameout and 2 fa3's twice a day.

I can't afford to go any heavier on the dose.


It's all fish oil. EPA and DHA are just components of fish oil, which have been isolated to show health benefits. What are the other components that make up fish oil besides DHA and EPA? I don't know. Other fatty acids I guess. You can probably use the Googles to find out.