Omega 3 Fat Problem

It is advised that the best ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is about 2:1 and that the PUFAs (the above) should contribute a third of our fat calories.
The most important omega 3s are found in fish oils (EPA and DHA).

The problem - do we consume our omega 3 (in the ratio above) from flax oil from which the alpha linolenic acid can be converted to EPA and DHA at a rate of 3% daily or do we use fish oil?

Depending on our omega 3 source, our EPA/DHA levels will vary greatly. Maybe they will be too high with just fish oil, maybe too low with only flax oil, the flax oil may give extra benefits over the fish oil.

I have read Udo Erasmuses book and can’t find the answer. Can anyone help? From which sources of omega 3 is this ratio designed for?


I use both. If you look at JB’s recommendations he does too. The 3% conversion from flax is only if everything is working perfectly…I generally take 2tbs of flax a day and 2-3g of fish oil but these amounts would very according to calories.

Like protein, carbs, or anything else it is best to get these from a variety os source including whole food, not just supplementation.

I personally take 6g of fish oil a day and I also get some flax meal in somewhere as well. On top of that rarely a day goes by that I dont have several servings of various fish some fatty some not.

Now I may not be getting the calculated exact optimal dosage day in and day out, but I would say I am doing better than 90% of the world.

If you were to calcul;ate the exact amount every day it would drive you nutty, just get close and rest assured in the long run it will be close to optimal, and you will have lower cortisol levels from the lack of worrrying about getting it to the exact gram day in and day out.

Phill is exactly right. By the way Phill how many actual pills do the 6gm come out to?

Dude eat lots of nuts and seeds.
Add in a few tbs of Flax or a blend like udo’s. Also use a high quality olive oil a few times a day.

I’d say get 40-60grams of good fats per day. Don’t worry about the small details of DHA/EPA. Just make sure you keep switching it up. Go through one small bottle of flax. Go through 1-2 fishoil bottles. Then maybe try hemp oil or a blend.


I take 6 1/gram pills. They are the high epa/dha variety giving 300/200 or a total of 500 per pill. So is short for the 6 grams/pills, I get 1800 epa/ 1200 dha. Then I get flax meal in either on a salad or bed time shake, and fish.

Works for me.

Whole foods for fat…

I’ve been getting mine from canned salmon, sunflower oil, safflower oil, hulled raw hemp seeds, and whole raw flax seeds.

What do y’all think about eating the seeds whole like this, am I getting all of the good fats, or is some of it wasted?

We were ment to eat whole foods, it will be fine.

Wing you are 4 sure on the right track with getting your fats from the whole seeds.

Not only are you getting the good fats but all the other nutrients contained in them.

You are also doing your self a favor by getting the added fiber which brings along the benefit of keeping you regular.

Whole food is your best choice for all your macro (P,C,F,etc.) 99% of the time. With your PWO shake being one exception.

Hope that helps.

flax seeds should be freshly ground, your body can’t open them.

Getting the proper fat intake is a matter of habit. I take in about 6gms a day of Fish Oil. I also have a jar of natural salt less Cashews and Peanuts that I hit each night.
I also have a blender drink I make four or five times per week where I add two tablespoons of Olive Oil.

Is anyone taking Grape Seed Oil? Here is 1tbsp of grape seed oil compared to 1tbsp of olive oil
Grape Seed Oil:
Polyunsaturated Fats- 9.50g
Omega “6”- 9.47g
Vitmain “E”- 3.92mg

Olive Oil:
Polyunsaturated Fats- 1.50g
Omega “6”- 1.07g
Vitamin “E”- 1.61mg

Is this a better alternative to Olive Oil?

Paully, I take grape seed, too. Hmm. Profile looks good, though I should have gotten the unrefined version.

The thing with grape seed oil is that it is MUY expensive compared to olive oil. sigh.

Phill, i think seminole may be right about the flax. though i also found that by eating it whole, it creates a sort of gel with water. hmm.



Seminole is right. I actually consume my flax in the form of Flax meal. Sorry I didnt catch that mistake.

Thanks for the backup on my misinformation Seminole. :slight_smile: