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Omega 3 Eggs?


Alright, so I was shopping yesterday and came across those omega 3 eggs and decided it would be a good thing to buy and consume them for their macro-nutrient profiles. However, I almost never cook with eggs was just wondering what you all do to easily consume your eggs and/or egg whites?


I usually just fry them in cooking spray... 1 "omega-3 yolk" per 4-6 cheap, normal egg whites from a different container.

These can be stuffed into high fiber tortilla with nuked/ softened, then sautéed veggies for a delicious breakfast burrito.


Omelettes are always nice. I typically crack two whole eggs into about 1/2 cup of egg whites (from a carton). Throw on some 2% cheddar and some veggies and possibly some of those little diced ham bits.


7%fat ground turkey breast cooked in pan first with chili paste (tastes like sausage). Then add 6 or so egg whites with 1 yolk. My favorite egg meal. I usually add 1/2 to 1 cup of broccoli (before the eggs/ after the sausage), to get a whack of micronutrients.


You could just hard boil them.

Sometimes I scramble them in a bowl and then throw them in the microwave for a couple minutes for "instant" scrambled eggs.

Sometimes I poach them.

Limitless possibilities.