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Omega-3 Eggs.


Okay so I was reading John Berardi's article. Said to buy Omega-3 eggs. I've heard of them before and all but it has 4.5g of fat. If I eat 6 eggs. thats quite a bit of fat. Is this good/bad..or is this the point of it because it's Omega-3??..I dont know I just wanna know whats the whole thing behind these Omega-3 eggs and why I should buy them (because I have). Also is it better than my regular 5 egg whites, 2 whole eggs?



some omega-3 eggs have more omega-3 than others. 4.5g of fat isn't a huge deal. Eggs (especially free range) have some of the healthiest fat profiles around and is a staple food for many species. 6 eggs might be overkill, simply because it is damn expensive to go through that many. You would probably be better served by eating fewer and supplementing with fish oil/flax oil or adding some wild salmon into your diet. I love organic/free range eggs, they taste great and lack the annoying eggy aftertaste common with the dollar per dozen variety.


There's always the time-honored approach of mixing 1-2 (DHA) yolks with 4-6 ordinary egg whites.


I recently started getting those Omega-3 eggs as well. I'm partly amazed at the difference in quality you can see compared to cheap ones. They look so much more glossy and crisp and the taste is a bit cleaner as well. I start every other day with a 4egg omlet now.


Well yeah 6 eggs is a lot. It's about $3.25 for a dozen in most grocery stores (sometimes more). BUTTT In cosco, the same brand of egg and everything you can get 18 for $3.75, Sooo I see that as a deal!



Where you at to spending that much for them? Where I'm at I spend about half that. In fact there are about 3 or 4 different brands with the most expensive beeing less than $2 USD.


Here's an egg cooking tip I learned for dealing with omega-3 eggs...

You don't want to damage the fats in the yolk with high heat, so separate out the yolks before cooking your eggs; just use the whites at first. Then when the whites are done, add in as many of the yolks you want just to warm them up. The whites are cooked and the yolks are heated enough to be palatable without damaging them.


Are you serious?...lol I don't know how it would damage it...I guess from the high heat and stuff but still...Anyone else have any thoughts about this?



yea, i dont know about raw eggs. i mean free range are generally pretty clean but still, i wouldnt do that.

also i think this is a bit of an extreme. why not just cook the eggs over easy? i dont think the fats will be damaged after being exposed to low heat for a short period of time.