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Omega 3/EFA Liquid Expiration?


I found a couple bottles of concentrated EFA oils at the local nutrition store on sale, two 7 oz bottles for $6. Didn't notice that the expiration on them was 6/2011. How would I be able to tell if they've gone bad already, simple smell/taste test? Or take a tsp of it and see if it makes me vomit? Here are the nutrition facts-

1 tsp-
ALA-950 mg
LA-650 mg
GLA-26 mg
Oleic Acid-1750 mg
Omega 3/6/9-3400 mg
CLA-750 mg

Should I even bother or just toss 'em out? Wanted something to replace PB in my PWO shake, so this seemed like a great option. If not, any other suggestions?


So the expiration is listed as NEXT month?

  1. Is it an expiration or sell-by date?
  2. Has it been sealed? Refrigerated?

Personally I'd give it the smell/taste test. If it smells/tastes fine I'd go for it, but if they've been sealed they're probably fine.


Yes the expiration is next month, but I've learned from experience that some oils go rancid pretty quickly when left out in the light(or on the store shelf for who knows how long). These bottles haven't been refrigerated but are sealed and opaque though so I think I'll be good to go. Thanks for the reply.


its sounds too good to be true, i wouldnt take them


Hmmm, too late. Mixed in a couple of tsp's with my PWO shake (which incidentally also expires next month, Isopure zero carb for $17....) I'll update if I start projectile vomiting or come down with a bad case of the mud butt.