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omega-3 dosing,udo's choice and fish oil

Since omega-3 are very hot lately I’d like to find out what’s better in your opinion/experience:
1)Taking udo’s choice oil and how much
2)taking flaxseed oil and how much
3)supplementing >6g of efa
4)taking 6 of fish oil (equivalent to around 2g efa,like the study of the International Journal of Obesity mentioned to support efa action)
Please tell me what’s your ideas about it.

I take Sam’s Fish Oil (20 caps) to get 6 grams EPA/DHA. Sometimes I take less fish oil and add in flaxseed oil. I already get too much Omega 6 so I don’t favor Udo’s Choice.

The reason I prefer the fish oil is that caffeine consumption within 6 hours or so will block the conversion of ALA into EPA/DHA. This informatio I learned from Bryan Haycock.

So if you had to take flaxseed oil could you take it before bed?would it work or it’s not he best time of the day?I also heard that it’s better take efa ith carbs for max effectiv.
Any guess?

Wow! Tell me more about caffiene blocking the conversion of ALA to EPA/DHA. What happens exactly? Six friggin hours is the window? Dang. I will do a search on that author you mentioned but tell me more, thanks.

Bryan Haycock wrote this on the thinkmuscle.com message board around Feb-Mar.