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Omega 3 and Fish Oil Timing


When do you take them?
just curious cause i have a feeling i am doing it wrong


With food. And you need to take them orally.



with food.

I take 2 Flameout with breakfast, and 2 with my pre-bed shake





can we keep this thread serious for a second

this is about timing, not how to...

Anyway i take a few Post W/O and a few before bed.

yes... no... maybe?


you've gotten serious answers, lighten up.


I personally avoid them PWO, and take them in the morning with breakfast(s). Reason being is that as far as I understand, the fish oil has an anti inflammatory response, which would possibly lessen the pancreas's response to all the protein/simple sugars you're consuming PWO, limiting gains.

I could be totally wrong though.


Why would you say something if you could be totally wrong?


I didn't know the pancreas causes inflammation when you eat protein and monosaccharides.....wow....


I take fish oil with all my meals except with my PWO shake and sometimes my PWO meal if I'm getting enough throughout the day.


I am considering dumping Flameout and going for this strategy:

(0:58 to 1:05)


omg lol


take fish oils after a hard w/o and after a high carb meal


I can't get my hands on Flameout but is there a certain amount of fish oil you should be taking a day?


As far as I have read, lots. I can't get Flameout either so I just chuck one down with every meal.

And to the OP. I did give you a serious answer along with the pisstake.


I haven't been able to find much info. regarding amounts but the few that have been quoted seem like you need to take a lot. Does anybody have an idea how amounts may vary with bodyweight?

As I can't afford Flameout, is there a mucho-cheapo alternative that'll do? Here in england flameouts are costing £35 upwards ...


I use the 'Omega 3 Supreme' supp from holland and Barrett mate. 625mg EPA and 245mg DHA per capsule. Costs £12 for 90 caps


Fish Oil will absorb better if ingested in the presence of other dietary fats. To what degree I?m not sure though.


To go on what sine said. Fats are best obsorbed with other fats. So take them whenever you have your high fat meals. Such as when your eating nuts, steak, or anything else that contains fat.


3 Flameout with Breakfast
6-10oz of fish at lunch
3 Flameout with Dinner

That schedule has worked for me.