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Omega-3: All at Once or Spread Out?


is it the best to take omega-3 caps all at once after a breakfast or better to spread it out (1 breakfast & 1 last meal) ?

i plan to take 2g of fish oil (1300mg epa/dha)


Spread out twice a day.


I doubt it really matters too much. I take mine at one sitting for convenience.


taking a bunch at a time (like 5+) may make you shit your self. no joke.

on the other hand, i can take 10 and be fine so i do sometimes if i forget to pop a few earlier in the day


I was wondering..do you guys count the fat cals from your fish oil? I don't..I tend to have 2 teaspoons a day or so of fish oil..each with a meal.


if it has calories, it counts towards your calorie count. so yes


Over kill IMO (counting the calories) not going to make any difference,

I spread them out, gives a lot of people the shits if taken all at once.


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I like to spread mine out, usually 2 Flameout per feeding (except PWO), and then a couple more before bed with my mineral support. As far as counting cals, I think you reach a point where it's just silly. I don't add in the 5 cals when I use Crystal Light or Mustard either, guess I'll never reach my goal of becoming a pro natural bodybuilder... :frowning:



From what I've read, if you are looking to lower your triglyceride levels, and possibly lower heart disease risk, best to spread taking fish oil out over 2 to 3 times a day.

"Why does fish oil reduce triglycerides?"



I get about 5 caps(180/120) with about 4-5 meals/day.


3 Flameout w/ breakfast, 3 Flameout w/ last meal. done & done




This is refreshing .


Why? It's basically what everyone tells you in every thread you make...lol.


I'm certain I eat more shitty food than you...I think people just take what I say wrong on here..


I'm certain too...I'm giving you a hard time =/


Personally I like to split mine up 1g w/bkfast and lunch) always taking them with food. I also keep a bottle of Carlson's Lemon Flavored fish oil liquid and use it on my salads a couple times a week.




This policy for fiber supps and BCAAs, as well.

(granted I'm not the obsessive-type personality either)