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Omega 3-6-9


I am searching omega 3-6-9 oil products because I'm realizing the caps I take now are crap.

Anyone tried USANA products? Specifically the OPTOMEGA oil from USANA.

2 tsps. contain
4.3 g omega 3
1.4g omega 6
2.7g omega 9

Two essential fatty acids are especially important to cardiovascular health: alpha-linolenic acid (an omega-3 fatty acid) and linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid).
Provides a high ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids.

Provides extra-virgin olive oil, E-Prime" (tocopherols and tocotrienols), turmeric, and rosemary for superior antioxidant protection.
An easy way to add EFAs to your meals - great for pasta salads and salad dressings.

Also the product BiOmega from USANA

This product is superior to other concentrates. Not only does BiOmega meet USP specifications, USANA uses a double molecular distillation process that ensures the highest possible purity by removing Mercury, PCBs, pesticides, and other heavy metals.

Omega-3 fatty acids are necessary for optimal health and wellness.

These nutrients help support cardiovascular health, sustain optimal neural growth and development, and maintain good joint health.
Contains 1000 mg cold-water fish oil rich in the important omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA
Comes in a natural form that is more easily absorbed by the body

New, concentrated formula cuts in half the number of pills you take per day
Helps promote optimal cardiovascular health, support proper brain and neural development, and maintain good joint health

I wonder if the Optomega is sufficiant or do I require fish oil (BiOmega} as well even though their plenty of omega 3-6-9 in the Optomega.



What? another USANA user? yeah, I take USANA supplements. My mum actually sells them. I was even considering selling them becuase the network market structure they have is great, unlike any other.

The USANA fish oil supps are actually in the P.D.R. (and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's the physicians Desktop Reference, it is considered the "doctors' bible") I also take the multi vitamin. Excellent quality stuff.

As for your question, either the optomega or the Biomega should be good enough by themselves, you don't need both. I usually put a few teaspoons of the optomega in my shakes, or on a salad.



Another good bit of info about USANA supps is that IAN KING just signed on as a distributor. He has his clients taking them now. some of there supplements are actually considered Medicine in mexico, too. Great stuff.



Thing is we get a TON of the 6's in our diet. Its pretty damn easy thing to get those 6's in high levels mainly due to Grain fed livestock etc.

Id go with fish oil and aim to get the 3'2 which are lacking in our diets.
Still waiting for the upcoming Biotest Lipid Product.

These may helps as well,
Fat Roundtable I&II

Hope that Helps ,


When is Biotest gonna start selling their Omega supplement? I am in neeeeeed. Don't make me buy more GNC salmon oil.

Oh, and I've tried to research this but can't come up with much... what are the pros/cons between "fish oil" and "salmon oil" ?


Honestly, it's just a marketing ploy to charge more money. There really is no difference. I go to my local Wal-Mart and they charge me several dollars more for the Salmon Oil than the same company's fish oil. The difference is the name and the serving size, taking 2 of the Salmon instead of 1 for the fish. When you do the math, it's the same amount.


Beefster wrote:

What? another USANA user? yeah, I take USANA supplements. My mum actually sells them. I was even considering selling them becuase the network market structure they have is great, unlike any other.

Kevin Wrote:

I'm not a user yet but I just found out my sister in-law sells them and they seem like quality products however pricy. What do you mean by 'the network market structure they have is great'? Are you saying there's a big markup on the products?
Accually the oil prices were'nt too bad but the vitamins are very expensive and she says she does'nt make much on them.

Thanks for the round table links Phil..I skimmed though them and some interesting reading their. I did read that like you said, because of corn fed livestock...we get lots of omega 6 already. I'll get back to it.



Udo's Perfected Oil Blend by Flore Health. Unbelievable!


As to fish oil vs salmon oil, it could be just a marketing thing, but often times salmon oil is less refined.

The hierarchy goes something like this: cod liver oil, salmon oil, supplement grade fish oil, higher concentration supplement grade fish oil, medical grade fish oil.

With salmon oil, you usually have to take more oil to get the same amount of EPA/DHA. Generally, you need to take 2 or more caps of salmon oil to get the same amount of EPA/DHA in standard fish oil caps. You can get medical grade fish oil that is highly purified and concentrated so that it contains about double the amounts of EPA/DHA. In general, the fewer caps you take, the less impurities you take.

Medical grade fish oil is very expensive. Last time I priced it you ended up spending about 5-6 times the money compared to supplement grade fish oil capsules (for the same amount of EPA/DHA).


these products are only sold through a network market. What I meant was that the company's pay plan is great. No other network marketing company has a similar pay structure. The products are a bit pricey though, but it's money well spent if looking for quality products.

I believe that is why they aren't sold on the shelves anywhere; your average shopper will typically look at the price, and being that USANA products are a bit pricier, not many will buy them. And even if the customer asks why they'er a bit more expensive, the average guy working at places like GNC or any other nutrition center won't know the difference.

This leaves companies with higher quality products like usana to rely on specially trained/educated distributors to place emphasis on it's quality. Don't get me wrong, there are many other good quality products sold at places like GNC.

there is actually a book (it's more like a comparitive guide) that has been banned from the bookshelves that has a list of companies whose products have been independantly tested and proven either crap or high quality stuff. My ma has a copy of that comparitive guide and Ive read it, and according to, usana placed #1 out of hundreds of companies.

some other good companies were SOURCE NATURALS, EAS, AND TWINLAB. suprisingly, GNC placed NEXT TO NOTHING, basically crap. It's an interesting book.



Have been using vitaminshoppe omeaga 3-6-9...going to get the fishoils when i run out of these. at one point i was taking both until the fishoils ran out.


I agree. Is there ever a reason why you would want to take a product that combines inflammatory properties and anti-inflammatory? Especially when we eat foods which may cause excessive inflammation to our joints, arteries, etc. I ask because alot of people take these 3-6-9 products, and Udo's has that blend too, and is supposed to be a good supp (maybe too expensive for what it is though). And Phill did you mean to say "its pretty damn easy to get 3's in higher levels due to grain fed livestock," or did you mean 6's?


Yup thats what I meant nice catch Ill have to edit that.


Cool. Phill can you comment on the rest of what I wrote?


Well just that I agree. I dont use and cant understand why people would those overpriced and hyped blends Like UDO's.

Why supplement with fats we get in excess as is. That just throws the ratio off more. Fill the gaps with the supplement.