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Omega 3/6/9 Fatty Acids and Ketosis

My wife an I are about to start are first time on a ketogenic diet. I killed my shoulder play frisbee of all damn things and no weights for at least another 45 days. I finally snapped out of the funk and decided to get something done… Since I don’t really need muscle glycogen for lifting I figured I might as well drop gut as fast as possible.

So I have the crooks of the keto-type diet but out of curiosity -

When the body is in, or entering, ketosis does the type of fat matter? Does saturated, poly, mono, omega 3/6 or 9 impact ketosis? Effect the by products produced by ketosis? Change more efficently into ketone bodies?

If anyone knows of books, sites, articles that have some information on this issue I’d be fascinated, and grateful!

As far as I know the type of fat has nothing to do with ketosis, I like to focus on saturated fat.

And you definitely want to make sure you’re getting lots of omega3s from fish oils, real fish or grass fed meats, walnuts, macadamias, etc. It’s very easy for omega6:omega3 ratios to get way out of whack when following a keto diet, considering the relative scarcity of omega3s in modern foods.