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OMAD Way of Eating

has anyone ever tried the OMAD way of eating

I read somewhere a long time ago of bodybuilder/stuntman/actor back the 40s, he ate a big bowl of spaghetti and meatballs and a salad for dinner everyday and that’s all he ate…for the life of me I can’t remember his name

It can work. Whether it’s something you can adhere too is up to you. Total calories/nutrition in a day (or even a week) is really all that matters. Please just remember fasting is a stress. Stress isn’t necessarily bad. It’s what causes adaptation after all. However, more isn’t always better. As a stress fasting is something that has to be moderated just like training stress.

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I’ve been eating this way for over a decade. I’m 33.

Did the whole bulking thing in my early 20s but had bad digestion / immune system / ibs / ibd symptoms, lethargy, tiredness, crap sleep. Every 2-3 months was always sick.

Cleaned up my eating cold turkey. Read the Warrior Diet.
Stopped the bulking eating.
Went to one huge dinner only. Like 3 servings of whatever meal and 3-5 fruits / veg for dessert.
Eat from 6pm to 9 pm in 1 or 2 sittings. Rest of time I just drink water. r

My experience is very positive.
I don’t see myself going back. Don’t miss breakfast lunch or ‘snacking.’ I’m not huge but find it easier to maintain leanness. At 82kg (180lbs) and body fat at 10% mark without trying. Not that I care for looks, I’m all about performance. Train Wendler Walrus way.

Not tired. Very alert and productive throughout the day instead. No ibs symptoms. Haven’t been ill or sick for ages.

I’ve used this way to gain weight or lose fat. I feel more food conscious in terms of consumption, buying foods, shopping for family meals, environment, being grateful for having something on the table at the end of the day, etc.

I guess as long as you account for number of calories, it doesn’t matter whether it’s in 6 meals, 3 or in my case, one. In my experience I’ve had, 2500kcal is 2500kcal.

Go for it.


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Yeah, this past Saturday I started IF (lunch and dinner), low carb or no carb…working my way towards OMAD, but I may not restrict any food groups when I get to that point

I was doing 5 small meals of high carb and my blood work numbers went up(LDL, a1c, trigs)

Yes, I love it.

I love it for two reasons. 1) I would rather eat 1800 calories in one sitting and be satisfied than several smaller meals over the course of a day. 2) It’s easier for me personally, to not eat at all, than to try to eat a little bit (3–600 calorie meals) once I start eating, hunger will be back soon and I’ll overeat.

It’s not magic, it simply helps me stick to my calorie goal reducing meals.

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Certainly doable. You might work your way there if you’ve never tried intermittent fasting. Once your body (and mind!) get used to not eating breakfast just slowly extend the fast until you’re at the four hour window. When intermittent fasting first started getting popular I thought fasting for 16 hours sounded really hard. But within a few days it was no big thing at all. I don’t do OMAD largely because it doesn’t quite jive with my super weird schedule but I would have no hesitations about doing it. It’s really hard to overeat in such a short amount of time.