OMAD (one meal a day) beginner


So my goal is to lose weight (like go from 250lbs to 240lbs)

I eat healthy, my meals make sense but I dont count anything, never did and never will. I am in very good shape, as good as it can be, I take it seriously

Now my situation is different, I am in vacation abroad and I like to eat one big meal a day for convenience at the restaurant (at like 13h). I will not do anything else than that for now.This is OMAD apparently.

The meal will be typically meats, eggs (extra if I can) and I touch a bit of the beans with rice on the side (dont eat all the rice) and whatever else there is

I will get a PWO shake at the gym the days I am training.

I am feeling great and a bit euphoric with this scheme so I plan to go on

The question is, if I want to still gain or keep as much muscle and strength as I can, should I add something like bcaas in the morning and/or at night? How much grams of bcaas do I take?


I really don’t think the addition of BCAAs will change whether you gain muscle or not.

You’re trying to lean out but also gain; how long is this vacation? It seems reasonable to just maintain, unless your ‘vacation’ is a few months.

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Workouts are crap but Im basically melting at this point with OMAD, weighted myself at under 110kg while I was 114-115kg 2 weeks ago

A month

But I plan on going on with this indefinitely

So I wonder if I should add bcass or protein shake in the evening

More protein is never a bad call, especially when dieting.

FWIW the plan you’re speaking of sounds an aweful lot like @Christian_Thibaudeau’s Pulse Feast which I genuinely enjoy doing. It is quite hard to hit very high numbers on protein, say north of 300g, but I do something similar to this already.

4 whole eggs

16oz chicken breast

12oz chicken breast OR 16oz lean beef with 200g rice

Bagel with Cream Cheese
1x medium banana

Without BCAAs or protein shakes, this adds up to:
P: 230g
F: 50g
C: 225g

It is very sustainable for me tbh, I would give the linked article a read - it sounds right up your alley.