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OMAD Diet with Fasted Training, Heavy Lifting

When I was doing SGSS I was waking up at 5AM, lifting at 530/6AM and wouldn’t eat anything until 12PM (noon). Not the same but I did pretty good lol.

The 4-6 hours is supposed to be long enough of a gap to produce the spikes in “anabolism”. The reason I take the bcaa/greens on way home is I consider it my pre meal, it’s supposedly easily assimilated and gets the juices going, and i work a very hard labour job.

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Well I have been trying this for the last couple weeks. I have been eating at noon but perhaps I should have my meal in the evening. The reason is this: I get so hungry at night that I often have a cheat snack. I also find that it is much easier to delay eating in the morning.

Does anyone know if having the meal is better at noon or in the evening?

In general, I can say that I have lost 10lbs in 2 weeks which is excellent. I am 53. One meal a day seems appropriate for me. I am feeling really good. What has also happened is that I am starting to learn exactly how much food it takes to simply maintain a weight. Depending on the level of my “cheat binge” I have figured out pretty much the weight I lose or gain because I weigh myself everyday. What I find is that to maintain a certain weight, I could probably eat a meal and a half per day.

In any case, OMAD is going well. I can recommend it for older people especially. Also, when you only have to make one meal for yourself, it is easy to boost the quality and test how your body reacts to different foods.

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There is a very good argument based on circadian rhythms for eating earlier in the day. I’ve personally never tried it because I enjoy nighttime eating and can fast quite easily through the day. Further, I usually train early evening. However, I accept it probably isn’t the optimum way to progress on OMAD for reasons stated.

I suppose, the other consideration is to have two small feeding windows as you suggest, e.g. main meal noon; train later and then have small PRO/FAT intake 6pm. The latter may help with appetite suppression and to lower cortisol post-workout.

Hello everyone!
Thanks for all the answers, and i want to share something with you.

I have a log of my weight and bodyfat (using the same bioimpedance monitor) alll the way troughf my OMAD weitgh loss journey.
Srry its portuguese, but MEDIA DA SEMANA = week avarage.

I had one goal: less then 7% all natural. Belive it or not, my LAST DAY was 6.9%. I literally cried. I have a poster on my wall with my bfs, and THE LAST POSSIBLE DAY before returning to Brazil: 6.9%.

I was eating omad for like 2 months before this log, but wasnt tracking calories, macros, weight and bf, and wasnt working out really hard. I was doing omad just cuz help me A LOT programming (im a game designer), and late i started counting caloreis and macros EVERYSINGLE DAY. I also have a log of all my meals (i weight everything, except vegetables), and i ll try to post later if u guys want.

Oh, one more thing. I also have a notebook with my exercises, and i was gaining strenght until lower 9%, after that it stoped increase, and during the last 2 weeks, i lost some leg strenght.

25/3 85.4 9.8%
26/3 85.1 10.4%
27 85.2 10%
28 85.8 10.4%
29 84.4 9.8%
30 86.0 10.2%
31 85.4 9.6%
---- nova semana
1/04 86.0 10.4%
2 85.6 9.9%
3 85.4 10.7%
4 84.6 9.9%
5 84.0 9.1%
6 84.7 8.8%
7 9.6%
MEDIA SEMANA 85.0 9.7%

8 84.7 9.4%

9 84.0 ??
10 84.2 9.6%
11 84.0 9.2%
12 83.8 10%
13 83.8 8.5%
14 84.4 9.3%
MEDIA DA SEMANA 84.1 9.3% (REFEED DAY) same amount of caloires + 150g carbs

15 84.4 9.3%

16 85.2 10.2% (Pesado e medido as 4 da manha, dps de durmir apenas 2 horas e ter insonia)
17 83.8 8.6% Gargantite
18 84.6 9.3% Gargantite leve
19 83.4 8.5%
20 83.6 9.6% (vontade de caga)
21 84.0 9.3%

22 83.0 8.4%

23 83.0 8.3%
24 83.6 9.3%
25 82.6 9.4% (o % de gordura anoitei dia seguinte, nao lembro direito)
26 83.2 8.2%
27 83.0 7.9%
28 83.2 8.3%

29 82.8 9.8% (costas travou)

30 83.6 8.4% (OFF COSTAS DOENDO)
1 83.5 8.1% (OFF COSTAS DOENDO)
2 83.6 8.0% (Malhei peito mas sem abs/stretchins)
3 83.0 8.3%
4 82.0 8.3% REFEED DAY - 400G CARBS 40g fat
5 82.2 7.7%

6 82.2 7.8% - 8.1%

8 82.2 7.6%
9 ?---- 7.7%
10 81.7 7.8%

13 83 8% (constipado)

14 82.0 7.4%
15 82.4 7.8%
16 82.4 7.8%
17 82.0 7.8%
18 82.4 8.4%
19 81.6 7.8%

20 81.6 7.1%

21 81.6 7.1% (nao tenho certeza)
22 83.0 7.9% Ontem comi mais de 1,5kg de vegetal, acordei xeio ainda (7 da manha)
23 81.6 7.4% dormi mal pq do demonio aqui
24 82.2 7.2%
25 82.0 7.4%
26 81.6 7.5%

27 82.0 7.1%

28 83.4 8.4%
29 83.4 7.4% (constipado)
30 OFF OFF (Lousa)
31 OFF OFF (Coimbra) - acordei muito seco
1 81.6 7.4% (REFEED DAY!)
2 81.6 6.9%

                                                    That's what she said

I know I’m raising a thread from the dead even though it’s still a week before Halloween, but I was catching up on forum stuff (been gone awhile) and saw this. I previously tried OMAD as well, about 2-2.5 yrs ago.

Now, when I left the Army 7 years ago, I was a solid 315 Lbs. with a 36" and a Bf of 15%. I could Bench ~400, squat ~500, DL ~600, and still easily pass the APFT (PUs SUs 2 mile run).

When I started, fat, out of shape, recovering from injuries to my shoulder and lower back and I had been eating like shit for a good 18 months. I was about 365 Lbs. with a 60" (yes, a 5 foot circumference stomach, my wife is only 5’ 2") stomach at the belly button, and a Bf of 48%
I made it a full 5 days before I started eating anything that wasn’t nailed down.
(My wife still hasn’t told our youngest boy what happened to his gerbil)
This went on for about 2-4 days. before I started getting yelled at.
I was so hard on myself that over the next month or so, I went up to the mid to hi 380’s.

Knowing what kind of damage I was doing to myself (Army Medic and Nurse), I decided to try again, but this time I would approach it like a newbie SHOULD approach training. I would start slow and increase my TUT (or time between meals) in a progressive manner.

I started by having a small breakfast instead of a big one. I did that for about a week, then I just started skipping breakfast completely, basically the 16:8 IF protocol. I’d have a big ass lunch with high protein med fat and a healthy carbs. Later, I’d have a big hefty dinner. I did this for close to two weeks. Not gonna lie, the first couple of days on the 16:8 protocol was a little difficult in the morning, but once lunch time hit, it was easy. Day 3 I had no discomfort at all, and I haven’t had breakfast in nearly a year now.

After being fully accustomed to 16:8 I tried OMAD on a Saturday around 1600 my stomach was as empty as most politicians heads and performing a mating call, so I pounded water until dinner time. All in all, it was easy, so the next Saturday, I tried it again. I felt so good that time, no hunger issues at all, that I decided to do it the next day as well. Well I felt so good and felt no hunger whatsoever on Sunday evening, that I decided to wait until Monday afternoon to eat.

Since then, I’ve been able to have lunch on Friday and not eat anything again until lunch on Monday.
That’s 72 Hrs
OMAD is a piece of cake now.

Also I’m in the mid to hi 260 Lb. range now, so I’ve lost over 100 Lbs. and close to a foot of fat from my waist. with no exercise. V.A. takes for fucking ever to get shit started. Hopefully I’ll be cleared by the Ortho and P.T. to start at least start body weight training or walking.


Another necro bump, but I’ve dropped weight about every dumb way possible. More recently keto, then IF 16:8 and now OMAD. OMAD to me is the easiest. When you cram all those calories into one meal I’m genuinely full for almost a full day after which makes the fast that much easier. I know I read before that some dont believe cico thinking…but it’s mostly true. I find it hard to get much more then tdee calories down in one sitting. There is no magic to dieting but this format seems to lend itself to helping maintain or dropping weight. I do it between 1 to 3 times a week depending on what the goal is. I don’t do it all the time but definitely could see some folks doing that.