OMAD Diet with Fasted Training, Heavy Lifting

M 29y/o 86kg

Hello everyone.

I ve been training in a fasted state (not even bcaas) and eating one meal a day for around 5 months now, surprised with the results.
Ive never seen someone doing the OMAD diet that eats more de 2500 cals/day, and im getting 250g+ proteins per day (shakes)

Im really happy with results, and i would like to know if someone that train hard does that also.

What do u guys think of training fasted and one meal a day?

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Surprised no one has chimed in

I’ve been doing OMAD for the last month and have been blown away from the results.

I’ll probably stick to this for a long time.

Training is going well. 3/4 gyms sessions a week topped off with 4-5 spin class sessions.

Even my missus is on this and she’s dropped about 25lbs in the last 2 months.

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If it works for you that’s great. It just comes down for total calories for day man. Doesn’t matter if it’s OMAD or eat something every hour.

I was a big 2 meal a day guy for a long time. I think it just depends on how many calories you need in a day. If you need 5000 calories you MOST likely will not be successful doing OMAD. If you only need 0-3000 calories you could probably do it in one meal.

That’d be interesting.

I do a fast (only water) on the last day of every month, which sometimes falls onto a lifting day, the “bro” in me feels like I’m losing some gains lol.


Nah man I’m shredding up mate.

I’m in my 40s. My ‘bulking’ days are over.

OMAD is probably the worst bulking diet ever actually.

However if you’re looking to lean the fuck out while getting rid of some food addiction issues then it’s hard to beat, in my humble opinion of course.


Fuck yeah man! Stay lean, strong, agile, and lift some heavy weights! If it’s working keep doing it until it doesn’t!

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Exactly mate. Couldn’t put it better myself👍

Wow thanks for the answer guys. I ended up following a 2k calorie OMAD fasted training until june, and got my lowest bf ever (6.8% at 81kg). But july i started a “regular” bulk with 5-6 meals a day, 2x train a day (im on vacation) and got the fatest result ever. Now im around 89kg with 11.5%, and ill keep on bulkin this way until august 13th, where my vacation ends. I ll probably bet back to OMAD and 2k caloreis until 9%, and i hope to keep my gainz.

This 3 photos were around 11%, 10%, lower 9%


Looks good dude.


For some reason I completely forgot fasting was a thing and thought you had to eat every day.

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Being a proponent of fasting and keto dieting, I have tried all sorts of pre-workout rituals - everything from 36 water fasts, to exogenous ketones, to pre-loading the previous evening on mega high protein. Literally, all sorts of combos. And nothing has quite generated the intensity as that from carb-fuelled glycogen stores.

I believe OMAD works well for fat loss. And anyone who claims only total energy intake matters is deluded. Studies have demonstrated this, i.e. like for like intake on free eating versus time restricted eating. Health markers are superior on the latter even on excessive energy intakes. Is it superior for athletic performance? Probably not, although you always get exceptions to the rule, e.g. Shawn Baker.

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I’m past the point of ‘athletic performance’

I’m 40 and my wee girl has just turned 6 months old ffs.

I’m focused purely on ‘performance’ at this point.

OMAD is super convenient and allows me to get more shit done. I don’t have to stress about getting something to eat anymore.

I’ve also actually started to see some abs. 20 years of training and finally I’ve stumbled across a diet protocol which is easy and effective.

All those years, brainwashed into thinking I had to eat x amount of protein and so many meals a a day.

When all I was doing was cresting the environment to be hungry all day, lose money and get fat.

I feel cheated.

OMAD has took me into the light. Finally.


Spoken like a true Scotsman!

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What are your preferred fats on keto ? I’m switching from a lot of red meat to more whole pasture eggs and sardines, mackerel, mct, olive oil.

what is your one meal ?

I think that’s a good shout. I have gone the other way. I shied away from red meat for years and focussed mainly on chicken, etc. But your idea sounds superior due to its high omega 3 ratios.

Red meat; especially quality, is just too expensive. Eggs are still reasonably priced as are the various fishes. And I’m upping my fat substantially from mct, olive oil and fish.

I’m impressed man. I don’t know how you do it. I totally lose my mind and eat everything in sight after fasting all day. I can easily blow through 5000 calories in a sitting.


Once you’re past the 3 day mark it gets easy mate.

If my missus can do it, anyone can


You may not be suited for it. Some people simply aren’t, just like for many other things in life. It’s not for everyone. At some point OMAD made me binge eating a lot. I thought it was a way for me to loose some weight, while I ended gaining a lot of fat and developing disorder eating. I tried it 2 years later, when I was much more mature, more aware of proper nutrition and then it worked really nice. But now in perspective I know back then I simply couldn’t do it, it wasn’t for me. My psychic couldn’t handle it. I am not saying you are weak (mentally), only that it may not be for you. Some people like bananas, some hate them - you simply can’t help it. If you indeed tend to binge on OMAD, I advise you to drop it as fast as possible, otherwise you may be at serious risk of developing disorder eating.