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Olympic Weightlifting - San Antonio,TX?

It would seem through my vigorous search through Google, and through these forums that I cannot find an establishment that will harbor Olympic Weightlifting, or even Powerlifting. The majority of the searches bring me to commercial gyms; none of which have the proper equipment or qualified trainers.

I’ve been wanting a proper lesson in Olympic Weightlifting for a while now, and have decided since I have this summer free (excluding working) I would like to take a lesson…

Is there some universal website for Olympic Weightlifting that will give me the location of the nearest facility to San Antonio, TX? Because I’m stumped…

Check out the USA Weightlifting site under contact info:

Look up Daniel Martinez. He’s in Texas…somewhere.


check here.

dfreezy - I’ll have to download Excel at some point and review the credited Olympic Weightlifting Facilities here in Texas, but for the time being I’m S-O-L.

TNT-CDN - Yes, Daniel Martinez is/was attending ‘OK Weightlifting’ in Austin, TX; that’s an hour from where I live and my work schedule versus the hours that gym is open would make it a frustrating endeavor.

Krollmonster - Thank you very much for linking the website, but it seems the closest reference it is willing to give me for a lesson or lifting on a regular basis is a facility based in Wichita Falls, TX :*(

I guess in the end I’m not suprised, San Antonio, TX is the wrong place for me to reside in terms of pursuing anything in terms of exercise…

There’s one in Austin, TX, contact Tracy Steinburg: txolympiclifter@aol.com

There may even be one closer to you, go to goheavy.com and make a thread- there’s a lot of coaches who should know.

OK Gym up in Austin is the closest I know of 'round here. I have been down this road, myself. Olympic Gym ((210) 829-5040
8611 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX 78217)is PL friendly, but sure doesn’t have the room/bumpers for safe Olympic lifting.

I have had to “teach” myself the olympic lifts. I know I could be much better with coaching.

I’d like to make a run up to OK gym. Let me know, maybe we can work out a time and save some gas!


You might give Gary Pendergrass at Seguin fitness a call. He is much more into powerlifting than O lifting, but if my memory serves me correct, he had some stuff.

I was at the the wellness center in New Braunfels before it was sold to the YMCA. They had bumper plates, but no one there to instruct.

There is a personal trainer who, believe it or not, tends to teach a lot of O lifting drills at Worlds Gym in New Braunfels. If you want, I’ll talk to him today and see if he is comfortable coaching the O lifting. Worlds doesn’t have any gear, though.

Texas isn’t the hot bed for olympic lifting. The only other thing I would suggest is to see if any of the larger high schools have teams. The only bad thing is that I haven’t been impressed with a single strength coach at any high school level.

I really appreciate all your input, and I wll be contacting you in the meantime (mopar_nocar) about that gym, hours, your thoughts, etc.

Generally, I’m just finding this frustrating, and frankly pathetic.

I’m looking to pursue proper instruction in something I would like to begin that I believe would help me get back on track (my collegiate endeavors, including studies, thesis, etc, has not been kind to me).

I just honestly in my heart feel this is a worthless pursuit, I’ve tried so hard to free myself from the commercial gyms. I attend Spectrum Fitness Club here in San Antonio, the entire facility is literally say, a football field long, and they have 2 squat racks in the entire gym, and no platforms (for deadlifts), and more machines and mirrors then I’ve ever seen.

I just believe with the environment that I’m in now, I’ll be more than likely to give up soon.

Thank you all very much for your information, I appreciate it.

[quote]Oquendog wrote:
Krollmonster - Thank you very much for linking the website, but it seems the closest reference it is willing to give me for a lesson or lifting on a regular basis is a facility based in Wichita Falls, TX :*(

don’t get down on yourself. I videotaped myself for two years and posted the vids online for critique before I got a coach. He and the other lifters are 75 miles away and I travel there every sunday.

One day a week will do a lot for you too!