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Olympic Weightlifting Programming - Recommended Sources?

Dear all,

I am an intermediate weightlifter who just turned 30. At this point in my life I am trying to enjoy training and take it as a hobby. Due to work commitments I will be living abroad for a year, away from my usual environment and gym, and also away from a coach that can write a program for me.
I have found a Crossfit gym near where I will live now (away from home), I have all the equipment that I need for the lifts. I would like to ask you for recommendations regarding olympic weightlifting programs (free or not free) in the internet or in books. Are there any programs that you would recommend? If you would like some guidelines, here they go:

Current level: 100 KG Snatch / 130 KG C&J @96 KG (Best is 120/150. I would like to work towards that again).
Training availability: 4-5 times a week, 1-2 hours per day
I am very efficient at my lifts, for example I can C&J 130 KG but my front squat max is around 140 KG. So working on my strength could also be a good goal for the next 12 months.

Anyway, any recommendations will be appreciated. I do not mind paying for a program or book if you think is good, I can also consider free programs as well. Just let me know what is your experience with these.


Looking at your lifts you have better technique than strength so I advise the Developmental Olympic Program by Thibaudeau. I finished it a few weeks ago. it’s only 10 weeks but it might give you a good view of what works or not for you. Warning: this is the most brutal thing I’ve ever done. But in 6 weeks, despite poor nutrition and sleep my high bar squat went from the hardest rep of my life at 140kgs to a double at 150 and my wheels got bigger

Thanks! I read through the document and it looks very promising! There is a good emphasis on strength which is what I was looking for. I will review it in detail, thanks for the contribution!


That looks amazing. Next time im able to train 5 times a week I’m 100% running this!

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Thanks for posting. Very interesting. Possibly dumb question: What does this notation mean:

Jerk from half split + Jerk4 x 3 + 3 (moderate weight focus on technique)

Does this mean you do 3 jerks for every jerk from the half split? Or just that for every jerk from half split, you do one jerk?

Thanks again.

3 jerk from half split, then 3 jerk

@Pinkylifting if you’re a masochist sure! You’re bound to get legs, shoulders, core and grip gainz!