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Olympic Weightlifting Log


I've started Olympic Weightlifting for two weeks now and I'm making great progress!

Today's Wednesday workout went great!

A. Front Squat
Bar*6, Bar*5, Bar*6
Get yelled at by the coach for taking too long.
60kg*3, 60kg*3, 60kg*3, 100kg*2, 100kg*2
130kg*1, 120kg*1, 125kg*1, 125kg*1, 125kg*1, 125kg*1

B. Full Snatch
Bar*3, Bar*3, Bar*3
30kg*1, 30kg*1, 30kg*1, 30kg*1
Coach yells and tells me to go heavier
40kg*1, 40kg*1, 40kg*1

C. Squat Clean
40kg*2, 40kg*1
70kg*2, 70kg*2, 90kg*MISS, 90kg*MISS, 90kg*1, 90kg*MISS

Wrap it up, Chocolate.

Notes: Felt really good Front Squatting a solid weight again, post-injury (lower back). I need to work on more static stretching. But why stretch when Menno Henselmanns writes a Stretching is B.S. article!?!? =S Just kidding