Olympic Weightlifting in Thailand

I’m trying desperately to find info on where there are (olympic style) weightlifting gyms in Thailand.
More spesifically, I’m trying to find one in Pattaya, but no luck yet.

Any guys here have any experience going to weightlifting gyms over there?
Or better yet, any of you guys live there? :slight_smile:

Hmmm…I’m interested as next year I’m hoping on going to Cambodia/Thailand/ Laos on holiday.


Never seen a proper set up for olympic lifting at a commercial gym. I think the Olympic Team works out at the National Stadium in Bangkok. Maybe if you ask nicely they will let you use the equipment.

Did see an Eleiko set at the big FBT store near Ramkhamheng University for B310,000. Buy it and I’ll be your new best friend.

Try to find the names of the club coaches in Thailand, including the national team coach. Contact them asking about any resources for that could help you out, hopefully they will be nice enough to even let you use their equipment since Oly lifting is a tight-knit group as it is. I did this with IL club coaches, and now I have 3 resources to lift, one of them happens to be Mike Gattone who coached the women’s weightlifting team in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney.

I don’t know of any oly gyms there, but Pattaya is an INSANE place. Make sure if you go there to train, your training stays your priority. It’s not hard to get sidetracked there. haha

There is one pro gym that’s owned by bodybuilders in Pattaya, and I do believe they have space and a bar, and don’t mind if you bang stuff around, I can’t remember the name off the top of my head (I always go to Chaing Mai, but its owned by a bodybuilding couple, the wife is a national/world ranked female bb. Hope this helps.

Universe Gym… is probably going to be your best bet.


I tried contacting the head of TAWA and some other Thai Olympic official, but no response yet.

I’ll probably check out Universe gym if I can’t find any. There’s gotta be somewhere they have a Eleiko-set and a lifting platform though.

Why don’t you give Universe a call or send them an E-mail? They are great guys and will more than likely point you in the right direction if they can not accomodate your training requirements…

Email: info@universegympattaya.com
Telephone: (+66) 038 416 001