Olympic Weightlifting in Chicago

[quote]PB Andy wrote:
Another bump. Just so you guys know I’ve found out some pretty good information have contacting some IL club coaches.

Larry Watkins, president of Sayre Park club, and his partner Bob Bondiman are expanding the club, they make it to the Sayre Park club (it is a park district, Mayor Daley recently renovated the place) once a month, but it looks like things are getting more active. I’ll likely start lifting there after classes.

Of course there is Mike Gattone in Buffalo Grove, owner of WCS. He is holding the Mid-Americas in November. I’ll be there (it is a Saturday) to check it out and meet some people.

There is also Vincent Cook, in Yorkville. He is willing to let me use his equipment for free, so I will likely make the trip out there every now and then on the weekends.

Buffalo Grove is probably closer to me than Sayre Park–I looked around on google for Mike’s email but no dice, if you have his info it’d be great if you could PM me! Thanks.


I’ve contacted Larry at Sayre Park a couple times now and he responded once, but I haven’t gotten anything back lately. Does/has anyone here lifted there? I’m just trying to get back on a platform as quickly as possible.

Of course if anyone knows of something else in the Evanston area I’m all ears.