Olympic Weightlifting DVD?

Just wondering if anybody knows of a good oly weightlifting DVD. Something comparable to a Louie Simmons for powerlifting or something of the sort. I have had no luck finding a good one. Any help on a good weightlifting DVD would be great. Thanks in advance.


Dan John’s “Taking It From The Ground Up” is a great dvd for teaching olympic lifting. I found the methods in that very effective for learing proper form and execution of the lifts, step by step. It’s also slightly funny. He showed a bunch of the stuff on the dvd to a group of us in L.A. and the entire group showed a huge improvement in that short session.


“The World’s Fastest Lift”
“The World’s Most Powerful Lift”

Both by World Class Coaching LLC

This is what Crossfit recommends, and what I have. I couldn’t find it as a DVD, and it was hard to find as VHS.

I don’t even know if they sell it anymore, but I got it from Bit Torrent.

Hey AC, no DVD, but I have found the following videos extremely helpful.

Description of both lifts and their variations by Gayle Hatch.

Chad Ikei breaks down the lifts

Great resource for learning about o-lifting. No tutorial per say, but there are litereally hundreds of slow-motion videos that analyze bar path of various olympic lifters.

Hope that helps and everything is going well.

Worlds fastest lift DVD:

Thanks guys for all your advice. I figured the info was out there, but its a shame that it is so hard to find. I will probably by the world’s fastest lift video also. i just love watching and breaking down/ learning the lifts. Thanks again guys and if anybody knows of any more, please post!


The Olympic Weightlifting VHS and book from IronMind by Jim Schmitz are excellent. Schmitz was the US Olympic Weightlifting Team coach 2 or 3 times.