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Olympic Weightlifting Announcer Annoying?

There is this one announcer for olympic weightlifting, and he sounds like a surfer bum or something. He uses words like ridiculous and sick when talking about the sport and the amount of weights used. I feel like he is an x-games announcer.

He also constantly mixes up kgs and lbs. Is it just me or is this guy a little annoying to listen to. Who is he? I assume a former pro, and am I the only one who doesn’t like his commentary?

I think only one of the announcers is a former pro, the other just some voice they bought. It seems to be that way in a lot of the games, they have one pro and one random guy - this allows for the interview style questions (as a player, how do you compensate for _____?) when there is a pause in the action.

Thats Shane Hamman you dipshit,

Pretty sure he holds the American record for clean & Jerk and total.

I watched the SHW Womens and thought he did a good job.

He doesn’t mix up kg and pounds if you listen he’ll convert the weight in pounds so we (Americans) can understand

I’ve been watching the Olympic weightlifting live and I think it’s better. It is just the lifter and the coach’s voice you hear and the applauses from the crowd.

Its also a little funny if you understand another language because sometimes you’ll hear the lifter cursing since the video is unedited.

And as far as the announcer, I’m really not paying that much attention to him so it doesn’t bother me. I’m just watching the amount of weights he/she is moving and the technique.

[quote]drewh wrote:
He doesn’t mix up kg and pounds if you listen he’ll convert the weight in pounds so we (Americans) can understand[/quote]

There are 2 announcers, one does mix up the kg and lbs the other says both and corrected him a few times.

Yeah but the announcer hes talking about doesnt mix them up its the other at least from what ive watched

I like Shane Hamman’s commentary, but I’d find some of his phrases esoteric if I didn’t OL myself