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Olympic Weightlifting 201

Brief training history:
Started out doing a full body split
Did some 531 (3 months maybe)
Moved on to Military Athlete Stuff (maybe 4-5 months)
Did Dan John’s Southwood (some weeks)
A month of 531
About a 5 month break
Started weightlifting (6 weeks or so)
Followed by about 4 months of some CrossFit and other lifting, barely training
Did Dan John’s Mass Made Simple and 40 Day Program
Weightlifting for about 4 months
Now on the Cube Method.

I am 21 years old, 1.75m (5’'10) and currently hovering around 82kg (180lbs)

Lifts as of August 2012:
Bench Press: 115kg (254 lbs)
Deadlift: 195kg (430 lbs)
Military Press: 77.5kg (170 lbs)
Clean and Jerk: 111kg (245 lbs)
Front Squat: 130kg (287 lbs)
Snatch: 90kg (198 lbs)
Power Clean: 105kg (232 lbs)
Back Squat: 147kg (324 lbs)


Rest Day.
Rest Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Obj: Strength/Unload

Warm up: 5 Rounds

5x Turkish Getup each Shoulder @ 25#

Shoulder Mobility Drills


(1) 11-10–9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1


Deadlift @ 135#

Pull ups

Front Squat @ 115#

Weighted Situp @ 35#


Obj: Unload

Warm up: 5 Rounds

20x Swings @ 20kg

HAM - Hip Moblity Drill


(1) 6 Rounds

Run 400m

15x Weighted Situps @ 35#

15x Back Extensions

(2) 6 Rounds

5x Pull ups

10x Dips

15x Situps


Obj: Unload

Warm up: 20-15-10-5

Box Jump @ 24"

Slasher-to-Halo @ 16kg Kettlebell (1 for each side)

Hip Mobility Drill

Training: 10 Rounds

Mini Leg Blaster

5x Scotty Bob @ 25#(x2)

10x Ankles-to-Bar


Obj: Stamina

Training: 60 minutes of Step ups onto a 24" box (wearing 25# vest)

An hour of step ups is pretty ridiculous man, I’m impressed you stuck with it.

Lot of respect for anyone who does the Military Athlete programming, it’s not fun stuff. Are you doing to workouts as written or scaled?

@USMCpoolee: Thanks, but you must know I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to training. The hour of step ups wasn’t that bad.
I’ve done it once before, but this time it was much better. Not being able to see the clock (nearsighted, no glasses in the gym) helps.

@IronAbrams: It depends. I dont generally scale the sessions, but I sometimes do reduce the weights on single exercises during a sessions if I feel I won’t be able to make it all the way through on this weight (mostly Sit-Ups, just hate doing ab-exercises).


Obj: Unload

Warm up: 5 Rounds

3x Snatch Complex @ 55#

Shoulder Mobility Drills

1x Snatch Complex =
Hang Power Snatch

Hang Power Snatch + Overhead Squat

Hang Squat Snatch

Squat Snatch (from ground)

Training: 30-20-10-5

Push up (strict and perfect)

Swing @ 20kg

Horizontal pull up

Halfmoon @ 35# Plate (first round + 15x each direction,


Was “easy” took about 30 minutes overall. Halfmoons sucked.

Sleep: 7 hours
Nutrition: Good
Body: Forgot to write it yesterday, but my abs are very sore. Traps, calves and hamstrings sore too. Otherwise good.


Rest Day

Sleep: Terribly, 5 hours
Nutrition: Good
Body: Abs, Traps and Shoulders are sore. Calves and Quads too.


Rest day

JT91, glad to see a Military Athlete log on here. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob at the TSAC Conference in March out in Vegas, super nice guy and smart as fuck. I found it interesting you did not do the Operator Ugly assessment prior to starting the MA programming. I would recommend doing it now, and then re-test every 4-6 weeks to see the progress you will make. Keep up the hard work man, if you can I would recommend finding a training partner.

Thanks armygrunt82!
Talked to Rob on email a few times. He’s a great guy, and the work he has done is tremendous.

I know Rob recommends doing the test for everyone starting out with the sessions, but I didnt do Operator Ugly for one simple reason:
I wasnt sure I could even finish it.

Thanks again for your comment. Have you done the sessions yourself?
Wondering because Id be interested in knowing how long other people take to complete these sessions, I’m usually around one hour.

Yes, I have done some of the operator training sessions. I have not done any of the squad PT sessions. I also completed the 6 week max the APFT program which was a humbling experience. I honestly wouldn’t worry about how long it takes you to finish these sessions unless it specifically says “for time”. What are your goals? Are you currently in the military, or thinking of joining?

The reason I ask is because you mention you didn’t think you could finish Operator Ugly. How do you know? Dont be a pussy, and quit making excuses. If you cant do front squats with the weight then you very simply don’t get any points for that “event”. You see it’s not about finishing, its about TRYING, and if you cant do it then at least you can say you tried which is better than quitting before you even start.

Honestly who the fuck is going to say you are a failure because you couldn’t complete the assessment? Your fat, weak buddies doing bicep curls in the squat rack? Fuck them, they aren’t your friend if they do. Sorry for the rant, I just get so fuckin tired of people who have no faith in themselves and give up before they try.

It was shit in retrospect.

Currently I’m at university.


Dedicated to: JON BROSTROM

Obj: Strength/“BIG 24”

Warm up: 3 Rounds
20m Waiter Lunge Walk @ 25#
5x Scotty Bob @ 25#
5x Hang Squat Snatch with PVC

Waiter Lunge Walk = hold one kettlebell or dumbbell in your left hand at
your side, and press the other overhead, locking out your elbow and
pushing your shoulder up into your ear. Now lunge forward, knees tapping
the ground for 10m or 5-6 steps. Turn around, switch hands, right hand at
side now, and left hand overhead. Lunge back 10m or 5-6 steps. It’s harder
then it sounds.


(1) 8 Rounds
3x “The Exercise” (Start light, but increase weight each round until 3x is
hard, but doable)
Instep Stretch

(2) 8 Rounds
3x Power Clean + Push Press (Start at ending load of “The Exercise,” then
increase load each round until 3x is hard, but doable)
Pigeon Stretch

(3) 8 Rounds
3x Squat Clean (Start at ending load of Power Clean + Push Press then
increase load each round until 3x is hard, but doable)


Training: Scratch that. Snowy chaos, almost got run over by a bus this morning.


Upper Body Big 24

Obj: Strength

Warm Up: 3 Rounds
5x Pull Ups (Strict, no kipping!)
10x Dips
15x Push Up
5x Y+L


(1) 8 Rounds
3x Bench Press (Increase load each round until 3x is hard but doable)
20/20/20 Ab Bridge Complex (20 sec side bridge, 20 sec. front bridge, 20
sec. side bridge)

(2) 8 Rounds
3x Weighted Dip (Increase load each round until 3x is hard but doable)
6x Decline Situps

(3) 8 Rounds
3x Weighted Pull up (Increase load each round until 3x is hard but doable)
5x Seated Russian Twist @ 25# (10x total)


Obj: Stamina

Training: 45 minute run. Moderate Pace.