Olympic Weight Set

I read through another post and saw that it pretty much summed down to:

Buy the plates and bar seperately

Well, i have about 300 to spend tops :frowning:
I want to do olympic style lifts, but they said I shouldnt with some of these sets they have at sears and stuff.
I was wondering if I should just buy the set, and a completely seperate bar? Im not going to be dropping it, maybe once or twice if i get stupid/on accident :slight_smile:

Do you think that it would be a dumb idea to do this? Please let me know from thine experiences, wise lifters.

Oh, and maybe I should check out play it again sports? Or would buying a used set be a waste of my time?

I bought a new set,400lbs and oly bar, for 130 dollars at a Local dealer of Gym equipment.
It just depends on what your other needs are. Dont buy a sh*t bench or something that will break and cause injury.

What brand was it though?

Definately check out play it again - it’s rare, but sometimes they’ll have a good set.

Also check with any colleges around to see if they’ll be changing equipment soon - again, not a sure thing, but sometimes they’ll unload stuff for cheap.

The main thing to worry about with the bar is that the collars rotate well. Read up a little on bar maintainance and you may even be able to keep an inexpensive bar working pretty well. If it doesn’t rotate well, your wrists will get shot to hell.

I’d also recommend buying one big pair of decent bumpers and using regular smaller plates (35’s) to add weight. Unless you’re gonna be cleaning in the 250-300 range, then that becomes impractical.


Buy an Oylmpic set, and don’t skimp on the bar or anything. I use my weight set second only to maybe my bed. If you are going to spend that much time using it, make sure it is quality.

A second hand set, if you can come by it, is worth it. I got mine through one of the fellas on this site. An hour drive and twenty dollars later, I had a full set, bar, etc. with 255 lbs of weight. But again, its hard to come by.