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Olympic Weight Lifting Pics

I’m a person trainer and I’m writing up an article for my clients on injury prevention.

The article is going to be centered on a hypothetical “case study” between an olympic lifter and a normal person, with regards to their risk of injury while performing typical activities. I’m going to be explaining why an untrained individual has a greater chance of injurying himself in day-to-day activities than an olympic athlete does while performing his lifts. For this, of course, I’m going to need a few demonstration photos of the Olympic lifts in action.

Anyone have any decent ones? The key is that they have to look professional.

No ugly/fat guys, please. I’m going to be presenting this to the general public, so I can’t show them someone like Rezazadeh or Boris. Think of those instructional posters that get put up in High School gyms - that’s what I’m looking for.

Check out this guys pics. Some pretty good ones.



Another from the same guy.

how about this guy? super flexible. I got a few more from Rob that I’ll put up to, let me go find them

and another flexible guy

and for fun

Eh, that’s a start. Appreciate it, guys. If I find any on my own I’ll put them up here as well.




Good ones psycho.

Pyrro is a perfect example of what you are looking for. There are also tons of photos since he won three gold medals. You could also check out Taner Sagir. Or go old school and get some Tommy Kono.

anyone know how tall that guy psycho posted is? cause i know hes in the 77kg class

Stoitsov is 1.68 m (5’6) according to his 2007 World Championship profile.

from the link Shaka Zulu posted, probably one NOT to have in the article =)

Rybakou is such a beast. Is my form bad if my entire body isn’t pulled from the ground when I pull under? haha

That asian guy looks like his knees are gonna split in half, wtf. Does he really recover that clean? Keep these pics coming, awesome stuff


Another from the above link

Casey Burgener

Little Dynamo

Umm…his knees are past his toes, someone should tell him that is not safe.


Lots of cool photos here

ATG anybody? Yeah…