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Olympic Training and Layers

Hello CT, i have been reading your training philosophies and love your programming methods. I have been performing 5/3/1 and started including cleans and snatches before my squat and dead lift workouts. I have fell in love with Olympic lifts and after my next 5/3/1 cycle wish to start a more Olympic lifting focused training programme and master my technique.

I read through your threads and found a routine you recommended to someone who hasn’t yet mastered technique in the competition lifts but still wants to lift heavy weights and based on that routine this is what I have written up. I would be extremely grateful if you would give me your opinion on this. Many Thanks.

Day 1:
Snatch 20-25 minutes technique practice (light weight, focusing on speed and technique)
SGHP from blocks ramp to 1RM
6 sets of 3 at 80% of 1RM
Front squat ramp to 1RM
Back squat ramp to 3RM from 70% of front squat 1RM

Day 2:
Clean and Jerk 20-25 minutes
Power clean from hang ramp to 3RM
6 sets of 3 at 80% of 3RM
Deadlift ramp to 1RM
Speed Deadlift 8x3 at 50% of 1RM

Day 3:
Snatch Practice 20-25 minutes
Snatch Grip Low Pull from floor ramp to 1RM
Snatch Grip Low Pull 6x3 at 80% of 1RM
SGDL ramp to 1RM from 70% of low pull 1RM
pendlay row 3x6

Day 4:
Clean and Jerk Practice 20-25 minutes
Split jerk ramp to 1RM
Split jerk 6x3 at 80% of 1RM
Strict OHP ramp to 1RM starting at 60% of split jerk 1RM
Push Press ramp to 3RM starting at 70% of OHP 1RMP

I also am studying a sport course at college and in two days of the week have to undergo a training programme in the college gym designed by a partner. I can essential perform any training session I want to, apart from olympic movements as they lack space and bumper plates (the gym that i train at does).

I was thinking 1 session on bench using layer system but didn’t know what other movement to perform. Your opinion on what other movements/ style of workout to perform on these two days would also be appreciated. Thank you.