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Olympic Squat vs. Power Squat?


I've discovered that I can do a full ROM olympic squat more than I power squat. I am now in the process of training my power squat. Obviously, this discrepancy between my oly squat and olympic squat is due to a weak posterior chaic. I tend to have my hardest time at the bottom of the lift, and I round over. My SLdeadlift numbers are way way higher than my squat numbers, so I'm assuming this isn't due to a weak back. Could abs be an issue? I rarely train them, and they are one of my worst muscle groups.

Are things like romanian deadlifts, good mornings, and ab work my number 1 priorities at this point, or are there better exercises that I'd use to bring up my weak points? Thanks in advance.


You answered your own question on your ab training.

Yes, RDLs, reverse hypers, hypers, good mornings, snatch grip deadlifts, natural glute hams, glute hams, even leg curls if your hammies are that week, are a priority in any training program.


I noticed the same thing, and im correcting that right now. I can deadlift vastly more than I can squat so I'm assuming my lower back is taking the brunt of the work load.

if your levers are anything like mine, long limbs, more compact torso, then this is something else to look at.

Eric Creesy (and I believe Mike Robertson) wrote and article regarding this not too long ago.


The article is called: Overcoming Lousy Leverages.


theres actually not that much of a difference between an oly squat and a powerlifting squat in non pimped out powerlifting feds especially for the big guys with big calves and hamstrings


That's actually a good point - equipment makes a big difference. PL squats (raw) have always been about 200lbs higher than full squats, though, because of the lessened ROM and wider stance.

To the poster - what form are you using for SLDL? If you're rounding, it's definately due to weak legs/hips.

I'd also wager you have some major flexibility issues if your full squat has you rounding over at the bottom and it's STILL better than your PL squat. I'd take a look at the get your butt in gear article to assess that.



I would not worry about the difference. If you are a beginner, pick one type of squat (PL or OL) and stick with it.

My raw PL squats (no belt) is about 100+ pounds behind my raw sumo deadlift. In full gear (wraps + suit + belt) they are identical.

I do not train OL squats on a regular basis so I do not have a frame of reference.