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Olympic Squat Form Critique


Please critique my squat form and give me advice
To try and preemptively answer some questions, I'm 17, I've never had a coach, no gyms in dubai have a platform and I have one inch heels in my converse to substitute for lifting shoes.





I've done 125kg before but 120 was today's max


You are rounding your lower back once you reach the bottom of your squat. Try to keep your chest up and your elbows down and as perpendicular to the ground as you can.


Youre breaking at the knees first to begin the descent. Push your ass back and down first.


I agree your form got increasingly bad as you went up the weights. Don't increase unless you can keep form, you round your back at the base of the movement too keep your arse stuck out also at 120 your rounding your back in the upward phase keep it straight or you'll end up with more problems than gains.


Thanks a lot for the responses guys
I think the rounding of my back is a flexibility issue, you guys have any ideas on things like ankle and hip flexibility exercises?

thanks again


Yo, could you guys comment on my C&J? it's near this thread on the forum


The rounding of your back has mostly to do with hip flexibility and other mechanical issues (congenital). If your hips are not flexible enough, your lower back will curve forward and rotate slightly as you go all the way down which may lead to injury over the long term. This is generally how a herniated disc occurs.....not due to the load entirely but due to the rotation in addition to the load.


Bro you need to work on lot of things.

Your knees started flexing first because of which the load is shifted forward , make sure you break your hips and knees together while coming down, this will give you better control over the bar.

keep you butt tight at the bottom which help you to keep control over your knees by not letting it go forward.

Go slow on eccentric .

Work on flexibility and on your core muscles.


I apoligise for the sort of thread hijack.. but what makes this an olympic squat? I do these, under the impression they're atg squats? or are they same thing?


I think they are pretty much the same thing. Although you could say olympic squats have a focus on keeping the torso more upright than the hips back powerlifting style squat that could still go to atg depth.


Oly squats are typically held in front, though not always, but their defining factor is their glutes-to-ankles position in the bottom of the squat. Doing this, for most people, requires a narrower stance than a powerlifting squat. The bar is held high on the shoulders for the Oly, and you come straight down vice reaching back with your hips the way you do in a PL squat.