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Olympic Routine for Beginner?


This is what I am considering doing until I develop the necessary thoracic and shoulder mobility for the full snatch. I can't pull from the floor at my gym because the plates are smaller (by roughly 3/4-1 inch) and that throws my technique off significantly.

Clean from blocks to max triple
Back Squat/Front Squat (alternating). Working up to 5 reps, emphasis on speed.
RDLs 3 sets
Snatch High Pulls (until I can snatch) 3 sets
Weighted Chin Ups/Pendlay Rows
Weighted Wide Grip Pull Ups

Push Press to 5 reps
Power Jerk to max triple
Weighted Dips
Ab Work
Additional tricep work?


If you can’t pull from the floor, why not just do the hang full snatch/hang full clean? Start at standing straight, bend your legs, do a Romanian deadlift but stop at lower knee, and then do your thing (I hope you know what to do then…).

In my opinion, if you do not have the mobility for a full snatch, you should do the Texas Method: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/the_texas_method

No snatching. Just squats, bench presses, and power cleans.

But since you posted your own routine design, let me go ahead and check it out…

The way I see it, with your MWF, weighted chin-ups and weighted wide-grip pull-ups aren’t necessary… They may even sabotage progress.

The way I see it, with your Tues and Thurs, the Push Press and ab work are all you need.


Where in Texas are you?? Have you looked at Olympic lifting clubs in your area?? I know several, depending on where you’re at.


There’s no reason to pull from the floor IMO until I can do a full snatch.

Doing more bench pressing will only hinder my shoulder mobility further.


Personally I believe that block work should be reserved for more experienced lifters. Working from the hang is good for newer lifters. However if you don’t have the proper mobility to correctly perform full lifts, I would consider you sub-beginner, and should focus more on positioning drills/exercises rather than full lifts or full lift variation. Some stuff you should be incorporating

Overhead squats
Behind the neck snatch presses (also known as Klokov presses)
Sotts presses (also doing these btn with a snatch grip)
Front squats
Shoulder dislocates
Snatch Balances