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Olympic Programs


Long time reader and member.First time poster. Sorry for the lengthy post. I have hit a little bit of a wall with my prgram and want to get some ideas on program design. I am 26 and have been doing Olympic lifts since I was 15, mostly for sports, but I want to get more serious with them. I would like to know what some of your programs for Olympic based lifting are. Here is a summary of my program:

I start with the clean,snatch,and or jerk and their progressions. Sometimes I will do a combination of different lifts.Usually 2-6 sets of 1-6, pending if I am working on technique, speed, or increasing the weight. I will then move on to lifts that assist the movement, like front squats, Romanian's, deadlift variations, overhead presses, rows and chins.I will do 2-6 sets 0f 2-8 reps, again pending on what day it is.

I will then move onto an auxiliary movement like bench, unilateral leg work, or direct arm work. 2-4 sets 6-12 reps. I feel like I have good technique and program design, but I know I have plenty of room to improve. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!!


I did quite a bit of research on this recently, I found that it wasn't for me persay though its a great great pursuit and I encourage you and wish you the best.

qwa.org- was my best resource
mikesgym.org- wod is GREAT
danjohn.org- he's the man

I like the Yearlong QWA program, its periodized perfectly and is so well rounded its ridiculous.Only thing it's missing is some unilateral movements.


Thank you, I will give these a try.