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Olympic + Powerlifting Type Routines?


Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone knew of a good 3 day routine that combined:

Clean and Jerk


Well, because I have 5 seconds spare, how about?

Day 1
Clean and Jerk 3sets 2-4reps
Bench 2sets 3-6reps
Squat 2 sets 6-12reps
Seated Row 2sets 8-12reps

Day 2
Snatch 3sets 2-4reps
Incline DB Press 2sets 8-12reps
Lunges 2sets 12-20reps
Leaning Lat Pull Down 2sets 12-15reps

Day 2
Deadlift 3sets 2-4reps
Shoulder Press 2sets 6-10reps
Pull Ups 2sets as many as possible
Leg Press 2sets 8-15reps


hmm.. that looks like good fun!


I always hit PRs on front squats after cleans, and PRs on back squats after snatches.

Clean and Jerk

DB Rows

Shoulder Press

Wouldn't wanna do it 3 days in a row though.


Here's mine:


Squat 5x5
Deadlift 5x5
Pullups/Chinups failure
Abs (Dragonflag, Hanging Pike, Ab Pulldown)


Benchpress 5x5
Barbell bentover row 4x8
Dips failure


Overheadsquat (work up to the max snatch weight x6-8)
Full snatch 5x2

Frontsquat (8-10 reps work up to at least 120% of max clean)
Clean and jerk 3x3

Low pull 3x3 (110% of max clean, snatch grip)
High pull 3x3 (90% of max clean, snatch grip)



Snatch 6,6,5,4,3,2
Clean 6,5,4,3,2,
Snatch 4,3,3,2,2
Overhead squats 8,6,4
Front squats 8,6,4

clean 6,6,5,4,4,3,2
Snatch 6,5,3,2,
clean 4,4,3,2,2
Front squats 8,6,4
Overhead squats 8,6,4

This is not set in stone, but it is what I shoot for. I may change the set rep scheme. Exercise sequence will stay about the same as i have continually made progress like this.


Sxio routine looks very good.


Tough to say, you're going to have to find out your recovery rate, because a powerlifting and o-lifting routine are both tough on your CNS.

You may not want to do deadlifts because they're very taxing on your back--which you'll need to practice your snatches and c&j.


This looks good.


You could always try to incorporate different olympic lifting related excercises for your weak points.

Let's say you can get the bar high enough in a Clean or a Snatch, you need to do Clean or Snatch pull. If you really need more explosiveness, try the power snatch or power clean.



Yes that comment is absolutely correct.

Most of the programs here are 3-day protocols, hitting the movements once a week. To give you another option, the following is an acceptable conjugated "Westside" approach, hitting each movement twice a week with different parameters:

1: ME Lower body
2: ME Upper body
3: Snatch, then DE Lower body
4: Clean, then DE Upper body

Explore your options.