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Olympic Movements (again)

Jason, I’ve noticed that you have a liking for OlY movements (I think). I am in Kickboxing and BJJ. The BJJ is helped by just strength overall… like deadlifts and such. But it seems that in kickboxing, my kicks are powerful (will get better w/ practice), but are not Speedy. I plan on reading some info about ‘Jump Box Squat’ by Waterbary, but do you think Oly Moves would help? If so, do you know how I can contact a coach who actually KNOWS how rather than THINKS he knows how? I’ve gotten a recommendation for an instructional video to check out, but I feel this isn’t enough. Thanks

Kyle, I am just at the forefront of learning how to effectively use the olympic lifts and all the various hybrids. I have no doubt that these lifts and the addition of jumping squats would improve your speed, but without really talking to you about the whole scope of your program, I have trouble really recommending how to effectively use these lifts. There are many questions that I would need to have you answer before I could really provide you much help. My primary question to you is: What is your priority? BJJ and Kickboxing or Bodybuilding? How you answer this question will highly define how and what you need to do to maximize your performance.

For olympic lift ideas, check out Coach Davies articles at Intensity Magazine or email him (his email is at the end of all of his articles). I would be glad to speak with you further. I have been impressed with your desire to gain knowledge and I would be willing to talk to you via email so that you could send me more information about your training program. You can visit Joel Marion's site (the URL is about 1/4 way through the Getting Ripped Support Group Thread Part 2 and email him and he can give you my email.