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Olympic Medal Count: Canada 11, U.S.A. 10!


This proves it! Canada is over ten times better than the US. Check it out: http://www.cbc.ca/olympics/medals/

If Canada has 11 medals then, naturally, a country with ten times its population should have 110, but this is not the case.

Now that the snowboarding events are over, the US probably won't win any more medals. To top it off, Canada is going to win the gold in the only event that really matters anyway, Men's Ice Hockey. Clearly, Canada rocks America's world in every respect..


It seems like most Americans don't even know about the winter games. I on the other hand watched womens curling this morning only to see the women lose cause they wouldn't go for the win. I had too much free time today


boy, your logic really sucks.

We may have 10 times the population, but what is the % of them that live in cold as hell weather...hmmm...let's see...Alaska has a population of about 650,000, Canada has a population of 32.5 Million...

Just shut your pie hole and we'll see in the summer olympics...


I think that most Americans know about them but they don't watch them becasue they don't want to see how badly America will lose. They are probably also concerned about the possibility of their heads exploding when they see how awesome Team Canada is.


Oh, and you forgot something:

Gold, US 6, Can 2
Silver, US 3, Can 4
Bronze, US 1, Can 5

Yeah, Canada is really good at winning bronze...lol....lol....


Your math is horrible! Let's break it down. You say Canada is more than 10 better than USA.

CA > 10*US

Canada has 11 medals; CA = 11

Therefore, 11 > 10*US or US < 11/10 or 1.1 medals. That's a far cry from 110 medals. That's a factor of 100 off. Explanation???


I made an honest effort to watch some of it. After seeing the faggotry (there's no other word for it) of the freaking figure skating, I'm probably done.


Kroby, read my post again. American.


The US has far more people living in areas with cold winter climates than the entire nation of Canada. Look at how many people live in the north east, the midwest, and the entire non-coastal west.


I just LOVE the american view of canada, ya ok we all live in igloos... now whos logic is flawed? lets "break it down" the majority of canadas population lives at a lattitude roughly the same as the northern states. the % of canadians who live even remotely as far north as alaska is negligible. on top of that, BC's coast enjoys the same weather as much of U.S.A's west coast.

ALSO, you american folk have just as much access to the rockies, world class facilities and even MORE funding than us canadians. Looks like your world just got rocked :P.

p.s. in all seriousness, who gives a fuck, norway is rocking us all anyways.


If you add up all the medals using a system wherein a gold equals 3 points, a silver 2, and a bronze 1, the US still falls far short of where it ought to according to its massive population.


Crap, and obviously Canadians are better at math as well. He was using population to give a per capita medal count, not using the 11:10 medal ratio.

It amuses me how Canadians are always comparing themselves to Americans...when you're as great as we are, you don't spend your time comparing yourself with a lesser nation.


There is one reason why both Canada does well in the winter Olympics compared to the US and why the US is still better-
It's 70 (21C) degrees here, and across vast swaths of the southern US. How warm is it up there? Oh really? Sucks to be you.


Adding up the medals using a point system like the one I mentioned gives the USA 25 points to Canada's 19. The USA ought to have medals adding up to 190 points.




Who ever said the size of the population should yeild the most winners?

Wouldn't that put China in first place everytime?

Why aren't you showing how much better Canada is compared to China?

With your logic, Canada should look even better if you compared their medals to China's.


Face it: The only thing that the USA does well is breed women who want to have sex with me, but, then again, there are a lot of countries that are good at that.


I think that it is fair to compare countries with similar per capita GDPs. China has a per capita GDP which is significantly lower than that of the USA or Canada. One could reason that a lower per capita GDP corresponds to smaller percentage of the population being able to be dedicated to athletic training and less money available to support said training. The US actually has a higher per capita GDP than Canada so we could multiply the population ratio by the GDP ratio.


$41,800 per capita for the USA versus $32,800 per capita for Canada. That's about 1.27:1. So we could say that the US should have 12.7 times as many medals as Canada.


Or 11.45 if you want to be more exact with the population figure.