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Olympic Lifts

hey all.
want to work in cleans and snatches into my workout.

how would i space those out along with squats and deadlifts?

when i try to do them in one session, i run out of gas. also, what should my rep/set range be for the olympic lifts?

this is the program i came up with, please critique: (repeat 2x a week for six days on, one day off)
day 1
am: intervals
pm: chest/back split

day 2
am: cardio
pm: delt/trap (focus is mostly on cleans, snatches, military press)

day 3
am: easy cardio
pm: squat/deadlift; bigger arms challenge bi/tri

thanks for the help!

I dont like it but hell try it may work for you.

If wanting to sqaut, DL and do Olys id do one of those each day. All of those tax the hell out of your body the whole damn thing. you cant call a clean and/or snatch a delt exercise IMO.

Id squat one day, dl one day, snatch one day, and clean and press one day. Add an exercise or two AFTER those to each day and your golden.

AS for reps and sets. Hell just do them. really oly lift are essentially a bunch of singles they are some complex. I say just get some loads aim to slowly prgress and go tell you beat call it a day.

You might address you question to Dan John in the Authors locker room.

Hope that helps,

thanks, phill. appreciate your help.

Search for an article by Thibaudeau called high tension. Really good Oly lift program.

[quote]troumagnet wrote:
thanks, phill. appreciate your help. [/quote]

anytime bro. let us know how things go.

Due to the explosive nature of the Olympic Lifts, I favor a set-rep scheme of 5x3, as you don’t want to try and turn them into an endurance exercise. But just play around with it and find what’s best for you, though a general rule of thumb is to not go over 5 reps per set. As for mixing them with squats and DLs, I’d say do one olympic lift workout plus squats, and another olympic lift workout later in the week with deads. Between those, you could work an upper body push/pull day(s) in.

I find this works pretty well for me, as I also run out of gas when trying to do heavy squatting and heavy deadlifting in the same workout.

You could try doing a more main exercise/assistance exercise layout, where you do heavy squat, and then a lighter, higher rep assistance deadlift variation, then later in the week do a heavy deadlift and lighter squat.

great advice. i’m pretty excited about next week when i can implement these ideas. oh the joy of being a beginner. when you can look at a weight stack and feel your heart quicken and your day get better.

your weekly plan isn’t bad, but if I were you, I’d switch it up so your not doing squats and deads the same day.

it looks like you are gonna be spending a lot of time in the gym(6days a week) so why don’t you focus only on squats one leg day and only deads the other. go hard and lift heavy on both of those days. otherwise your going to have days where you half ass one of the two leg workouts. (unless your plan is just that: i.e. rotate doing squats first and lift fast and light, then deads heavy, and the second leg day do deads first, fast and light, squats heavy)

I’m only saying this because they work very similar muscle groups. unlike chest/back, which you can easily takeon in one day.