Olympic Lifts

Greetings forum members. I was wondering if y’all know of a good resource on Olympic and modified olympic style lifts. I don’t have access to a coach (which would be ideal), so I’m looking for the best book on the subject; something that really describes how to do the major lifts correctly and with good photographs or illustrations. Any ideas?

Stuart McRobert has a book, Beyond Brawn, that goes into exhaustive detail on exercise technique. But I don’t know if he covers the Olympic lifts. Search under “Hardgainer” to find his website by that name.

Goto the Ironmind site and get a free catalog. They have a couple of books and an instructional video tape on olympic lifts. And Brooks Kubik has a great VHS tape called Olympic Lifts. Goto dinosaurtraining for that one.

type in dinosaur training in your search engine. look for kubik’s page. Great stuff.

Arthur Dreschler’s Weightlifting Encyclopedia is as thick as a phone book and is more tecnically detailed than you can imagine. You can get it from Amazon and I’ve seen it in some Barnes & Nobles.

Probably the most comprehesive book is " The Weightlifting Encyclopedia" by Dreschler.

Thanks for the input. I will check out those books. I’ve been meaning to get a copy of dinosaur training anyway, and Dreschler keeps getting mentioned on this forum. Hey Nate Dogg, I just placed an order for Combat Conditioning by Furey yesterday. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve already read a lot about him in Black Belt and other mags.

Warrior Spirit, I’m sure you’ll find Combat Conditioning well worth the money! I started incorporating Matt’s “Royal Court” exercises into my daily routine. The Royal Court includes Hindu squats, Hindu pushups and the back bridge. After using them for a month, you can use the other exercises that he has listed. It’s pretty cool.

As for the Weightlifting info, I also second Iron’s recommendation for the Weightlifting Encyclopedia. A friend of mine competes in Olympic lifting and has the book. It’s pretty good.

you might want to go to the lifttillyadie site. it is a weightlifting links page. also, dynamic fitness carries books by sportyvny press, which are russian textbooks translated to english, all of which are about olympic weightlifting. This is where Dreschler gets alot of his info for his book. You can get videos from ironmind as well as from lifttillyadie.
You can also go to the queensland weightlifting page and they have streaming online videos. depending on how fast the proccessor in your computer is these can give you an ok idea of how to perform the lifts. hope this helps, I tried to remember as many resources as I could. good luck.