Olympic Lifts

So I’ve been on and off working out for the past 5 years or so. I say on and off because I’ve always had streaks of laziness where I just totally get out of shape. Anyway, this time around I have newfound motivation and have been going strong for a while now.

All my times lifting I’ve never incorporated any Olympic Lifts (except for Squats). What I mean are mainly Deadlifts and Clean and Jerk type exercises.

Can someone tell me how important it is for me to include these? I also don’t know how to properly perform them. Is there a place that I can find pictures/videos of it done properly? I don’t want to get a personal trainer because it’s too expensive for me.

Thanks for any info!

You might try that T-mag.com site. I hear they have a guy there by the name of Thibaudeau who’s written a few articles about Olympic lifts with photos.

Could be a rumor though. Personally, I think this whole T-mag.com thing is an urban legend!

It can be very important, depending on your goals. Let us know what you are trying to achieve.

Read everything you can find on this site about Olympic lifting, follow instructions given, look at the pictures and diagrams in Christian’s articles and check out the references he cites. Throughout the web there are many great sites where you can get much more information. I would recommend coaching after you do what I have suggested and use coaching to help with specific parts of your lifts, not to learn them initially. Take the initiative to learn everything you can on your own first.



Squats are not olympic lifts, neither are deadlifts. I doubt a personal trainer would know how to properly do olympic lifts anyway, so don’t worry about wasting your money. If you can’t afford to get some sessions with an olympic lifting coach, there are ways around it. First off, find an olympic lifting club or a University Strength Training facility in your area and find out when the olympic lifters will be training. Go to the facility and watch them train, or rather study them. Listen to the remarks made by coaches to see the mistakes and pick up pointers. This is probably the next best thing to getting a coach. But make sure they are olympic lifters and not the football team or so. I have seen elite athletes from other sports doing olympic lifts and the form was scary to watch.

And they can be totally useless.

Olympic lifting relies too heavily on momentum and technique to rank with any significance on my list of bodybuilding exercises. CT’s made a game of it on occasion, but I couldn’t name anyone else offhand.

A number of websites provide apt tutorial illustrations. Type the name of the movement into Google.


Arrgghhh!! Knight, Mel Siff D-E-S-T-R-O-Y-E-D the “momentum” argument in a response written to Matt Brzycki. It’s false.