Olympic lifts / westside

i did many years of Oly lifting before devoting my time to PL, recently i switched back to westside after 6 months of Sheiko.

I had the idea of using Oly lifts, esp the Clean (low catch) and snatch (low catch) on my off days as extra workouts…

sessions that would last 20 - 25 mins max and never really approach anything near a 1rm. Basically just to keep my technique in tune. using 50%-70% of my PR, plus a short warmup

as both these exercises have little eccentric component, i feel they could have a similar effect to the sled and other forms of extra training WS uses.

keep in mind that i am used to heavy volume with my OLY experience and the sheiko programmes i have used.

any thoughts on this?

Why not do them before your DE/ME squat movements?

i thought of that but decided that adding another 20 - 25 minutes to my workouts would be too much, not sure they would provide the same GPP/warm up as my regular GPP/warm up which consist of a curcuit of 4 exercises 3sets/20reps at a quick candance…

doing singles w/cleans requires its only warm up as well

thats why i thought of using the off days/extra workouts

I remember Tom M at elite siad that he uses OL pulls at around 60% as part of a warm up, i think it was for throwers. Also, Coach X/H and Big martin use oly lifts with short rest as part of LA training. So It can be done. Check out the training logs over at elitefts and their sport specific QandA for More info. The westside guys are far more open minded than they get credit for.

do oly lifts as latic acid training for athletes this works very very well you can use it on both max-squat and dynamic squat day first thing after your warmup, use 60% of 1rm and do 1 rep every 15-30 seconds until you reach 220 rpes…big martin

BigMartin- I was reading through your training logs, but I couldn’t really tell what the LA training was (I was in between classes, and had to be quick). Excuse my ignorance, but the LA training is to keep the bf low, right? Wouldn’t this add an extra component to the workout, confusing the nervous system? Lastly, did I read your last post right, do 200 reps of pulls with 15-30 sec rest between each rep?

I think he meant 20 reps

paul - i am the ignorant one i am a terribile typer and speller i meant 20 reps lol, as a powerlifter i dont do latic acid training the same way i do it for my athletes i train, sometimes we do a latic acid cycle right after a meet with the safety squat bar on dynamic day 20 sets of 2 with low rest but that is it that all the latic acid training i do as a powerlifter because it is not real important to us as we are trying to bring up work capacity all year long. now with athletes it is very important because there work cpacity is usually very low, this helps them get there muscles conditioned that way they can train while playing a sport and never suffer real sorness, it is a form of conditioning for them, for latic acid training with athletes i use either power cleans, hang cleans, hangl cleans from pins, hang cleans standing on boxes, or hang cleans off stands, maybe some kind of power pull also, we do 1 reps every 15-30 seconds with 60 % of there 1rm, hope this clears this up…big martin

Ok, thanks. I was kind of curious because whenever I hear the term lactic acid training, I think of dropping bodyfat.

ok thank you all for the replies…

im assuming that the WS guys arent doing low catch cleans though? right?

ill give the LA work a go, and perhaps stick to my tyre dragging on inbetween days

thank you


Hang Power cleans and 3 position cleans caught in the power position, so yes, mot full cleans